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Department of Philosophy

Durham University

Sponsored by: AHRC, The Mind Association, Analysis and Durham University


Dr. Sophie C. Gibb, Prof. E.J. Lowe, and Dr. R.D. Ingthorsson 

It has been suggested that the mental causation debate is ‘up against a dead end' (Kim1993), and even that a solution to the problem is forever beyond our reach (McGinn 1994). The purpose of this conference is to present and discuss the latest research output of scholars attempting to re-assess the problem of mental causation in light of recent advances in metaphysics. A particular focus is on new accounts of powers, properties and causation, and of categories and levels of being. 



Monday14th September

14:30-16:00  Prof. John Heil, Causation and Mental Properties

16:30-18:00  Prof. David Robb, Tropes, Types, and Mental Causation

Tuesday15th September

09:00-10:30  Prof. Tim Crane, Mental Substances and their Powers

11:00-12:30  Prof. Peter Simons, Causation by Continuants: Loyal Opposition

13:30-15:00  Prof. David Papineau, Variable Realization and Causal Laws

15:30-17:00  Prof. Sydney Shoemaker, Physical Realization without Preemption

Wednesday16th September

09:00-10:30  Prof. Paul Noordhof, Mental Causation: Ontology and Patterns of Variation

11:00-12:30  Prof. Tim O'Connor, Nonreductive Physicalism or Emergent Dualism? The Argument from Mental Causation

13:30-15:00 Prof. Barry Loewer, Enough of Mental Causation? Already?