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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

Durham Workshop on Stewardship

Durham Workshop on 'Stewardship' - in association with Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage 

1ST OF MAY 2010 

The concept of stewardship has its roots in Christian theology, especially in its depiction of the relationship between humans and God. It also has been popular in debates in anthropology, archaeology and environmental studies. In recent years Stewardship has been the focus of Archaeological Ethics and Cultural Heritage Studies; however, a great amount of work regarding its nature, normative character and applications remains to be done. The workshop, organized by Dr Andreas Pantazatos, brought together accounts from Archaeology, Environmental Studies, Law and Philosophy with a view to shedding light on the justification and the normative force of stewardship.

The workshop will investigate the following topics:

  • Modes of Archaeological Stewardship
  • The Legal Foundations of Stewardship
  • The Ethical and Legal Justification of Archaeological Stewardship
  • The Normative Force of Stewardship in Codes of Archaeological Practice
  • The Normative Framework of Collaborative Stewardship
  • Value Pluralism and Stewardship
  • Environmental and Archaeological Stewardship
  • The Relation between Heritage, Law and Archaeological Stewardship

Keynote Speaker: Alison Wylie (Philosophy and Archaeology, University of Washington)

Speakers Included:

  • Tatiana Flessas (Law, LSE)
  • Liz McKinell (Philosophy, Durham University)
  • Andreas Pantazatos (Philosophy, Durham University)