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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

Scruton's Aesthetics

Scruton's Aesthetics, 2008, was a major two-day conference dedicated to the exploration and discussion of one of the world's leading aestheticians, Roger Scruton.  The conference was organized by Dr. Andy Hamilton and Prof. Nick Zangwill and received kind support from many organizations: The British Academy, Mind Association, British Society of Aesthetics, Analysis, American Society for Aesthetics and Durham University.

Conference Participants:

  • Roger Scruton (Wiltshire): "Imagination and its Discontents"
  • Jerrold Levinson (Maryland), "The Aesthetic Appreciation of Music"
  • Peter Lamarque (York), "The Disintegration of Aesthetics"
  • David Davies (McGill): "Scruton on the inscrutability of photographs"
  • Greg Currie (Nottingham), "Ironic pictures"
  • Kathleen Stock (Sussex), "Fantasy, Imagination and Art"
  • Andy Hamilton (Durham): "Scruton's Philosophy of Culture: Elitism, Populism and Classic Art".
  • Rafael De Clercq (Leuven): "Scruton's Philosophy of Architecture"
  • Cain Todd (Lancaster): "Scruton on wine: outlining the normative terroir of tastes and smells"
  • Chris Stevens (Maryland): "Aesthetics, Culture, and Conservative Perfectionist Politics: are Liberal Aestheticians Unwittingly Committed to Scrutonian Cultural Perfectionism?"
  • Katrina Mitcheson (Warwick), "Representation in Photography"
  • Michael Funk Deckard (Leuven/Lenoir-Rhyne College, North Carolina): "Delicacy of Taste and the Imagination: Aesthetic Concepts in Sibley and the Early Scruton"
  • Rob van Gerwen (Utrecht): "Expression as Success: The Psychological Reality of Musical Performance"
  • Dawn Phillips (Warwick): "Photography and Causation: Responding to Scruton's Scepticism"
  • Mark Dooley (National University of Ireland, Maynooth): "Saving the Sacred: Scruton and Rorty on Religion"
  • Ed Winters (Department of Fine Art, West Dean College): "Street Life, Street Furniture, Street Clutter, Street Bars and Being Drunk: An urbane response to rusticity"
  • Martin Holt (Film Department City University London): "Metaphorical Moment, versus Movement as Metamorphosis"
  • Deniz Peters (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz ): "Musical Understanding, Leib, and Intersubjectivity"
  • Hannah McKeown (Chicago), "Atonality and Meaning"

Philosophy of Music Round Table:

  • Michael Spitzer (Music, Durham): 'Scruton's "hearing as" and musical metaphor'
  • Franz Knappik (Munich): "Scruton and Wittgenstein on expression in music"
  • Daniel Gallagher (Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit): "Representational theory: the true Phantom of the Opera"
  • Nick Zangwill (Durham): "Scruton's Musical Experiences"