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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

Emotional Experience in Depression

As part of the Emotional Experience in Depression project, Durham hosted two research events: one in 2010 on 'Emotions and Feelings in Psychiatric Illness'; one in 2011 on the Phenomenology of Depression.  Details of speakers in the two conferences are listed below:

The Phenomenology of Depression (March 23-26, 2011 in Durham)

Wednesday 23rd March

  • Benedict Smith (Durham University) 'Depression and Motivation' - Chair: Matthew Ratcliffe
  • Rene Rosfort (University of Copenhagen) 'Sad Thoughts: Moods and Rationality in Depression' - Chair: Benedict Smith
  • Outi Benson, Susanne Gibson and Sarah Brand (SANE) 'Emerging Themes in a Study of Suicidal Feelings: why we are exploring the Experience of Agency' - Chair: Hannah Shand

Thursday 24th March

  • Fredrik Svenaeus (Södertörn University) 'Heidegger on Prozac: Attunement, Alienation and Being-in-the-World' - Chair: Somogy Varga
  • Mark Wynn (University of Exeter) 'The Dark Night of the Soul: a Theological Case of Depression?' - Chair: Anastasia Scrutton
  • Jennifer Radden (University of Massachusetts Boston) 'Delusions of Misery: Kant's Analysis of Melancholia' - Chair: Angela Woods
  • Havi Carel (University of the West of England) 'Born to be Sad: Set-Point Theory and the Quarrel between Psychologists and Economists' -Chair: Matthew Ratcliffe

Friday 25th March

  • Wayne Martin (University of Essex) 'Chronic Sadness and Virtue' - Chair: Benedict Smith
  • Peter Goldie (University of Manchester) 'Loss of affect in intellectual activity' - Chair: Achim Stephan
  • Louis Sass & Elizabeth Pienkos (Rutgers University) 'Self and World in Affective Psychosis: A Comparison with Schizophrenia' - Chair: Jan Slaby
  • Josef Parnas & Lennart Jansson (University of Copenhagen) 'Depression in Schizophrenia and Melancholia' - Chair: Achim Stephan

Saturday 26th March

  • Gareth Owen (King's College London) 'Depression and Decision Making Capacity' - Chair: Jonathan Cole
  • Tom Csordas (University of California San Diego) 'Inferring Immediacy in Adolescent Accounts of Depression' - Chair: Angela Woods

Group Discussion

The Roles of Emotion in Psychiatric Illness (March 24-26, 2010 in Durham)

Wednesday 24th March

  • Dr Jan Slaby (University of Marburg, Germany) & Dr Somogy Varga (University of Osnabrück, Germany) 'Depressed about the World: Affective Intentionality in Psychiatric Illness'
  • Professor Mary Phillips, (University of Pittsburgh, USA)  'Abnormal Brain Circuitry in Mood Disordered Populations: A Key to Understanding the Neurobiology of Emotion Dysregulation' 
  • Professor Bill Fulford (University of Warwick and University of Oxford, UK) "'Who Wears the Trousers?" in the DSM: A Case Study of Delusion and Spiritual Experience, Illustrating the Role of Values in Psychiatric Diagnosis'

Thursday 25th March

  • Dr Garry Young (Nottingham Trent University, UK) 'Beliefs, Experiences and Misplaced Being: An Interactionist Account of Delusional Misidentification'
  • Dr Lisa Bortolotti (University of Birmingham, UK) and Dr Matthew Broome (University of Warwick, UK) 'Motivation to Act and Double Bookkeeping in Clinical Delusions'
  • Professor Shaun Gallagher (University of Central Florida, USA) 'Emotion and Delusional Experience'
  • Professor Ann Kring (University of California, Berkeley, USA) 'Emotion Deficits in Schizophrenia: Timing Matters'

Friday 26th March

  • Dr James Blair (National Institute of Mental Health, USA) 'Neural Systems for Moral Judgments and Other Forms of Decision Making, and their Dysfunction in Psychopathy'
  • Professor Achim Stephan (University of Osnabrück, Germany) 'Wrong Emotions'
  • Dr Benedict Smith (Durham University, UK) 'Emotion and Moral Experience in Depression'