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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

British Postgraduate Conference 2010

Durham was chosen to host the 2010 British Postgraduate Philosophy Conference. Now in its twelfth successful year, the BPPC is the largest and most prestigious postgraduate philosophy conference in the United Kingdom and regularly attracts delegates from across the world. The conference was open to all postgraduate researchers; its aim to bring together postgraduate philosophers, representing all areas and traditions of philosophy, for the purposes of mutual exchange and discussion.  To see the conference webpage, click here.

Keynote Speakers

Postgraduate Speakers

  • Jonathan Beale (University of Reading). A Confusion of the Categories: Wittgenstein's Kierkegaardian Argument Against Heidegger
  • Chris Nathan (University of Exeter). Do We Need Theological Premises to Justify Basic Equality?
  • Stijn Van Impe (University of Ghent). 'A New View on Kant's Sensus Communis Logicus
  • Ross Inman (Trinity College Dublin).  The Problem of the Many and Neo-Aristotelian  Modal Mereology: Towards a New (Old) Solution
  • Robert Cowan (University of Glasgow). Moral Perception and Comparative Looks
  • Joachim Aufderheide (University of St Andrews). The Goodness of Restorative Processes
  • Kevin Reuter (Birkbeck, University of London). Is Imagination Introspective?
  • Paul Giladi (Kings College London). Transcendental Idealism in the Transcendental Analytic
  • Guy Bennett-Hunter (University of Cambridge). Rational Existentialism? The Contribution of Karl Jaspers
  • Maike Albertzart (University of Cambridge). Why Moral Particularists Should Not Talk About Reasons
  • Benjamin Smart (University of Nottingham). A Powerful Account of a Lazy World
  • Philip Letts (University of Manchester). Sonicism, Aesthetic Empiricism and Quotational Musical Works
  • Jean Moritz Mueller (University of Manchester). Emotion, Aspect-Perception and Representational Content
  • Ulrich Reichard (University of Durham). Pragmatist Inferentialism and the Problem of Objectivity
  • Geert Gooskens (University of Antwerp). Beyond Good and Evil? Morality in Video Games
  • Tom McClelland (University of Sussex). Consciousness, Ignorance and the Explanatory Gap