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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

Art Matters

Fissures 1 Flyer

Fissures 1 Flyer

Art Matters was an interdisciplinary project devised by the Music and Philosophy Departments in conjunction with the Beacon Trust.  It's organizers were as follows:

  • Dr. Martyn Harry (Music) - Project Conception
  • Dr. Andy Hamilton (Philosophy) - Project Conception and Co-ordinator
  • Prof. Max Paddison (Music) - Project Conception and Co-ordinator
  • Dr. Elisabeth Schellekens (Philosophy) - Project Conception and Co-ordinator
  • Ms. Mariam Rezaei (Music) - Event Organisation and Co-ordination
  • Mr. Richard Stopford (Philosophy & Music) - Publicity and Report

The central idea behind the project concerned the reception of art and the role that this reception could play in directing both art-making practices and academic research.  The project revolved around three major sets events - referred to as Fissures 1, 2 and 3 - which featured exhibitions, improvisations, recitals, papers, public engagement and focus groups.  Below are the programmes of the events and some of the publicity material.

Fissures 1

Tuesday, March 10th (free - events at Durham Music Dept., Palace Green).

  • Fissure Seminar - a series of short papers on the topics of improvisation and electronic music.
  • Guest Lecture given by Barry Truax - 'Perspectives on the Use of Granular Synthesis in Electroacoustic Composition'.

Wednesday, March 11th (all events at the Elvet Methodist Church).

"Musicon presents Music and Electronics"

Programme One (6:30pm):

  • - Michael Clarke - Tim(br)e II (2009) (Musicon commission)
  • - Peter Manning - Retrospection (2009)
  • - Trevor Wishart - American Tripytic (1999)
  • - Barry Truax - The Shaman Ascending (2005)

Programme Two (8.00pm):

  • Stockhausen - Oktophonie

Thursday March 12th (free - all events at the Elvet Methodist Church)

  • 9.30am - 12pm - Rhodri Davies and Freon Improvisation Workshop.
  • 1.10pm - Electronic Lunchtime Concert - programme includes works by Rhodri Davies, Mariam Rezaei, Kelcey Swain, Julian Lywood-Mulcock and Freon.
  • 4pm - Andy Hamilton: 'Art Matters' talk: Improvisation. How do improvisers react to the challenge that improvisation is necessarily inferior to composition? Is improvisation simply a kind of "instant composition"? Can we develop an "aesthetics of imperfection" that resolves them?
  • 5pm - Panel Discussion on Electronics and Improvisation

Friday, March 13th (free - In Music Education Centre @ the Sage

  • 6.30pm - Screening of film, Dimitri Kirsanoff's Ménilmontant (1925), accompanying soundtrack composed by Durham University Masters Composers.
  • 7.30pm - Richard Stopford 'Art Matters': Film and Aesthetics.
  • 7.50pm - Open Discussion.

Saturday March 14th (free, part of the Sound '09 Festival run by the Sage)

  • 1pm onwards - Chris Garrard - Palimpsest Ensemble
  • (Live Sound Installation)
  • Eric Egan - Lost Words (Operetta)


Fissures 2 Flyer

Fissures 2 Flyer

Fissures 2

Thursday 18th June - What is Conceptual Art?

  • A talk and open discussion by Dr. Elisabeth Schellekens. Performances by Trevor Wishart, RaM with John Hails, Palimpsest Ensemble. Works by Wishart, Shlomowitz, Rezaei, Garrard. In association with MIMA.

Tuesday, 23rd June - World Music

  • Durham University Korean Percussion Ensemble, Durham University Gamelan, African Drumming ensemble

Projections and Happenings

  • The music of Morton Feldman and the Fluxus composers performed by the Palimpsest Ensemble with a pre-concert talk and discussion

Wednesday, 24th June - Marathon Concert

  • Music by Silvestrov, Ferebee and Garrad with performances by the Pherebee Quartet and Ensemble ISIS

Chamber Music

  • Music by Garrard, Ferebee and performances by Palimpsest Ensemble and Ensemble ISIS

Electronics and Improv.

  • Pre-concert talk by Rachel Darnley-Smith and music by Wishart, schlmowitz, Rezaei, Swain, Lywood-Mulcock, Roberts, Morelle and Performances by RaM, Mariam Rezaei, Owne Roberts and Giacomo Pozzuto.

Thursday 25th June - Ensemble ISIS

  • A lunchtime concert by Oxford University's ensemble ISIS featuring music by Ligeti and Maxwell Davies.   There will be a pre-concert talk at 12.30 by the ensemble's conductor, John Traill.


Fissures 3 Flyer

Fissures 3 flyer

Fissures 3

Friday, 4th Dec - Is Photography Art?

  • Exhibition, talk and discussion by Chris Manley
  • Exhibition/Performance and discussion by Brian Marley
  • Panel Discussion with Chris Manley, Brian Marley, Dr. Andrew Hamilton and Dr. Dawn Phillips.

Saturday, 5th Dec

  • Kathy Hinde's Piano Migrations Installation
  • Performance and presentation of Piano Migrations by Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden
  • Panel Discussion Kathy Hinde, Matthew Olden, Dr. Dawn Phillips, Prof. Max Paddison.