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African Studies Student Network

The African Studies Student Network is a postgraduate student led forum for current student research on Africa.

The Network runs events aimed at all levels of student research and at encouraging interdisciplinary and innovative research projects.  Involving a wide range of postgraduate researchers and undergraduate students from across the university, the Network works to provide students with opportunities to present their current research, discuss methodological and practical issues, debate theoretical problems from different disciplinary perspectives, and discuss current issues in African politics and society.

Currently the Network is running a series of workshops, seminars, film nights and reading groups.  While focused on high-level postgraduate research, the Network has many undergraduate members and is designed to work as a peer-to-peer forum for encouraging and inspiring new student research.

If you would like more information, or to be added to the mailing list, please email Nicki Kindersley.

Dr Cherry Leonardi has engaged in field research in Southern Sudan since 2004, focusing on the role of traditional leaders in local justice and government. Find out more about Dr. Leonardi's work in Sudan.