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Matariki Network of Universities (MNU)

Matariki delegates at University of Western Australia

Matariki Network of Universities (MNU)

The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is a select international alliance of seven leading research led universities who share a commitment to excellence in research, scholarship and rounded education. The network was formed in 2010 between Dartmouth College, USA; Queen's University, Canada; UWA, Australia; University of Otago, New Zealand; University of Tubingen, Germany; Uppsala University, Sweden; and Durham.

Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Programme

In July 2016 a group of researchers and undergraduate students travelled to Otago University, New Zealand, to begin their field course in Indigenous Knowledge. Read more about it here:

In July 2017 the second edition of the collaboratively developed Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Programme will be held at the University of Western Australia and hosted by the School of Indigenous Studies.

Recent Activity includes:

  • Extra Galactic workshop 'Hidden Monsters: Obscured AGN and Connections to Galaxy Evolution' at Dartmouth College, 8th - 12th August 2016
  • Arts and Humanities Colloquium, Literatures and Libraries at Durham Universtiy, 5th - 8th September 2016
  • Digital Humanities Colloquium at Queen's University, 23rd - 25th October 2016

The network continues to develop research and education initiatives. If you would like to find out more, please contact , MNU coordinator for Durham University.

MNU Global Citizenship Programme - April 2016

In April 2016 Durham students and staff participated in the first international workshop that launched the MNU Global Citizenship Programme. Two Durham students took the initiative to create a website for this new Matariki initiative, showing howthis student-driven Programme aims to improve Matariki partner universities’ capacity to act as leading institutions in understanding global citizenship and educating global citizens. The programme also seeks new pathways for universities to critically explore their own implications, problems and potentials within the issues global citizenship encompasses.

You can see the workshop in action here, and further information is available on

Funding Opportunities

Teach @ Tübingen Programme

The University of Tübingen’s Institutional Strategy provides financial support for expanding teaching offers in English and for the promotion of teaching competences of young post-docs or PhD students at an advanced stage of their studies. This call for applications is especially focused on strategic partner universities in the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU). Tübingen welcomes applications from MNU advanced PhD students or young post-docs who would like to expand their teaching experience and individual research horizons with a working stay in Germany under the Teach-at-Tübingen (T@T) Programme.

Candidates are asked to teach classes (in English) for at least two hours per week, in addition to conducting research with a supervisor at Tübingen. The length of stay is 1-2 semesters. Successful candidates will start their placement in March 2017.

The placements are funded with a rate of €2080 per month for post-docs and €1580 per month for PhD students, as well as up to €1000 for travel expenses.

Please see the Tübingen website for full details of the application procedure.

The latest round of applications for Teach at Tübingen is now complete. Congratulations to all successful Durham candidates:


Matariki Summer Programme- Indigenious Spirituality and Knowledge

Applications are now open to be part of this unique two week summer course to be held at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA in June- July 2018.

Applications close on the 18th May. Click below for more information