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International Office

International Partnerships

Durham University recognises that International Partnerships are crucial to enhancing our research, bringing diversity to our staff and student population and raising our profile overseas. If you are interested in developing a new partnership, we would love to hear about it!

The Partnership Appraisal Form

To ensure that we develop and maintain our partnerships as effectively as possible, the university has a partnership approval process which has at its core a Partnership Appraisal Form (PAF).

The International Office will help you through the partnership approval process and be pleased to help you network in the region where your partnership has been approved.

The Partnership Appraisal Process

If you are interested in developing an international partnership, please consider the following steps. More information is available when you click on the links.

Firstly, contact Vic Bainbridge, International Partnerships Officer, to see if an agreement already exists and to discuss your plans. It may be that an agreement already exists with your potential partner so it’s worth checking first. You might also find it useful to discuss your plans and through that, help to clarify them or to be put in touch with others who already have a relationship with your potential partner.

If you want to develop a long-term partnership with multiple layers of research and/or education, you will need to complete a PAF and work with the International Office to get it approved. More information about why the university has a PAF form and how best to fill it in is available here.

The International Partnerships Officer will seek approval from the appropriate level. This is outlined on the International Partnerships Approval Process. If there are no delays, the approval process should take about four weeks.

The PAF is just the beginning and its approval signals that the interesting work is about to begin!

Signing Agreements: MoUs and Student Exchange Agreements

Click here for information about the steps after the PAF.