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Durham University


The module environment

The Environment Modules package (module(1)) is a tool that simplify shell initialization and lets users easily modify their environment. Modules can be loaded and unloaded during shell startup (i.e. in .bash_profile), in queue submission scripts, or dynamically during an interactive shell session. An experimental Spack install is also available.

Common module(1) commands include:

  • module list: lists currently loaded modules
  • module load XYZ: loads the default version of the XYZ module
  • module load XYZ/1.0.0: loads the 1.0.0 version of the XYZ module
  • module unload: unloads the XYZ module
  • module purge: unloads all currently loaded modules
  • module av: lists all available modules
  • module av XYZ: lists all available version of the XYZ module

While loading some modules, their dependencies might be loaded as well. For instance, loading fftw module requires at least one compiler module (such as gnu_comp or intel_comp) to be loaded.

As of November 2018, the following modules are available:

----------------------------- /cosma/local/Modules/modulefiles/mpi -----------------------------
hpcx-mt/2.2  intel_mpi/2017  intel_mpi/2018  openmpi/3.0.1  

-------------------------- /cosma/local/Modules/modulefiles/compilers --------------------------
gnu_comp/7.3.0  intel_comp/2017  intel_comp/2018  intel_comp/2018-update2  

-------------------------- /cosma/local/Modules/modulefiles/libraries --------------------------
arctic/oct2018  gsl/2.4(default)  jemalloc/5.1.0     multinest/oct2018     qt/5.11.1       
boost/1_67_0    gsl/2.5           libffi/3.2.1       netcdf/4.6.1          sundials/3.1.1  
cfitsio/3.450   hdf5/1.8.20       llvm/5.0.2         openexr/2.2.1         vtk/8.1.1       
curl/7.61.0     hdf5/1.10.2       llvm/7.0.0         parallel_hdf5/1.8.20  
fftw/2.1.5      hdf5/1.10.3       mesa/18.1.4        parallel_hdf5/1.10.3  
fftw/3.3.7      Healpix/3.40      metis/5.1.0        parmetis/4.0.3        
fgsl/1.2.0      hwloc/1.11.11     metis/5.1.0-64bit  pnetcdf/1.10.0        

---------------------------- /cosma/local/Modules/modulefiles/tools ----------------------------
allinea/ddt/18.1.2  idl/8.0                paraview/5.5.2          swig/3.0.12      
cloudy/17.01        imagemagick/7.0.8-9    python/2.7.15(default)  utils/201805     
cmake/3.11.4        java/jdk1.8.0_181      python/3.6.5            valgrind/3.13.0  
cosma/2018          lenstool/7.0           pythonconda3/4.5.4      wcstools/3.9.5   
ffmpeg/4.0.2        lenstool/20180809-svn  R/3.5.1                 yasm/1.3.0       
gadgetviewer/1.0.7  mplayer/1.3.0          scalasca/2.4            yorick/a3972ff   
gadgetviewer/1.0.9  muse/2.4.1             sm/2_4_36               
gperftools/2.6.1    nasm/2.13              starlink/2018A          
hdfview/2.14.0      oprofile/1.3.0         svn/1.10.2              

----------------------------- /cosma/local/Modules/modulefiles/MAD -----------------------------

For more information, type man module or go to the project website:

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