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Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences



  • Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 2:00pm in CLC013: Pascal Lecture delivered by Professor Caroline Series (Rennes) on `Mirzakhani's starting point'

  • Friday 12 and Saturday 13 June 2015 in the Business School: ICFT 2015 sponsored by the LMS and the IOP. A workshop gathering the UK community working in conformal field theory and integrable systems.

  • Wednesday 6 May at 11:00am in CM101: Pascal Lecture delivered by Professor Dimitri Petritis (Rennes) on `Gambling with classical or quantum dice: a guided tour from classical probability to quantum channels'

  • Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 March 2015 in L47 (Psychology): David Evans, Matthew Elliott-Ripley, Kate Horner and Lauren Scanlon represent our Department at the Durham University Schools Science Festival. They will talk about applications of Knot Theory.

  • Monday 16 March to Friday 20 March 2015 in CM105: LMS Invited Lectures 2015: Michael Shapiro on Cluster Algebras and Integrable Systems.

  • Monday 16 March 2015 in CM211: LMS Mathematical Methods in Reliability Lecture Day on Uncertainty Quantification.

  • Thursday 5 March 2015 @ 5:15pm in CLC013: Public Lecture by Professor Reidun Twarock (York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis). `Geometry: A secret weapon in the fight against viruses'

  • Thursday 5 March 2015, 3:00pm - 5:00pm in Van Mildert College: Kate Horner and Lauren Scanlon lead a workshop targetting Y10+ on the theme of Knot Theory.

  • Thursday 26 February 2015 @ 4:00pm in CLC013: Collingwood Lecture 2015 by Professor Martin Hairer FRS, Fields Medallist 2014 (Warwick).`Taming Infinities'

  • Wednesday 11 June 2014 @ 2:00pm in CM101: Pascal Lecture 2014 by Professor Gary Gibbons FRS (Cambridge). `The solitons concept and gravity'

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