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Welcome to the COSmology MAchine (COSMA)! Here, you will find some information about the COSMA5, COSMA6, COSMA7 and COSMA8 HPC facilities.

COSMA has been in existence since July 2001 and is now in its 8th generation.

COSMA5 is a Durham system for ICC users and collaborators.

COSMA6 and COSMA7 are the current DiRAC facilities hosted by Durham. COSMA6 was introduced on 1st April 2017 as the DiRAC-2.5 Data Centric service. COSMA7 was introduced as the DiRAC-2.5x system in May 2018, and expanded by DiRAC-2.5y in January 2019, and as DiRAC-2.5z in April 2019.

COSMA8 is a new DiRAC-3 system which will become operational in September 2021. The DiRAC-3 prototype system (COSMA-8 prototype) became operational in October 2020, and was available for a number of months before integration with the full DiRAC-3 system began.

The DINE experimental system is also part of COSMA.

DiRAC is the UK's integrated supercomputing facility for theoretical modelling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology. For more information about DiRAC please visit the DiRAC web pages

The actual load (taken every 15 minutes) on the DiRAC systems can be seen on the SAFE pages:

The COSMA systems run security hardened DiRAC Linux.

The login details are:
cosma5: or (round-robin to login5a and login5b)
cosma6: (single node, login6a)
cosma7: (round-robin to login7a, login7b and login7c)

cosma8: (round-robin to login8a, login8b)

All systems use a global slurm batch system. Submission to any queue (cosma, cosma6, cosma7, cosma8) can be done from any login node.

COSMA5 is no longer a DiRAC facility. Therefore, DiRAC users should use COSMA6, 7 or 8 as appropriate for their project.

Scheduled downtime

COSMA has 3 periods of scheduled downtime per year, lasting up to a week, though typically the affected period is shorter. Current scheduled periods are:

4-8th October 2021

7-11th February 2022

7-11th June 2022

Contact Details

Institute of Computational Cosmology,
Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics - West,
Department of Physics,
Durham University,
South Road,
Durham DH1 3LE
COSMA logo


1/7/21: COSMA8 commissioning period has begun

20/6/21: COSMA8 HPL gives 1.37PF peak, at 280kW

20/4/21: AMD Milan node (with 128 cores, 1TB RAM and MI100 GPU) goes live

10/4/21: COSMA8 power-on

1/4/21: COSMA8 integration starts

1/3/21: COSMA becomes a Dell Centre of Excellence

4/2/21: COSMA back from downtime

28/1/21: COSMA network link severed between Durham and Leeds

26/1/21: Updated OneAPI module installed

16/12/20: DiRAC-3 system ordered

5/10/20: COSMA downtime starts

21/9/20: COSMA8 Compute nodes powered up, with novel on-chip cooling

7/8/20: COSMA8 service nodes brought into production

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