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Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Big group photo of our many international staff and students holding up the flags of the countires they are from.

We are committed to ensuring the Physics Department is a safe, respectful and inclusive space where our staff and students can study and work in a community that does not tolerate racism, bullying, harassment, hate, or sexual misconduct.   

Our aim is to: 

  • Develop a learning, teaching, and research environment which is accessible, inclusive, and respectful where all staff and students have the support and opportunities to be the best that they can be;
  • Ensure the support and inclusion of disabled staff and students; 
  • Make a significant and consistent improvement in the recruitment, support, and progression of staff in under-represented groups through targeted response to identified barriers;
  • Improve the participation and attainment rates of students from disadvantaged groups, specifically those from Lower Participation Neighbourhoods, and under-represented groups, specifically UK Black, Asian and minority ethnic students. 

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity committee within the Department of Physics, which has a broad representation across the Department, meets regularly to continue to strive for a welcoming, inclusive, diverse and fair department. An important part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee's remit is to support broader initiatives to aid diversity; for example by obtaining IoP Juno Practitioner status to "address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men."

Durham University and the Department of Physics are committed to breaking down barriers and improving access to Higher Education through its widening participation programmes.

Co-Directors of the Physics EDI Committee: Dr. Anna McLeod, Prof. Marek Szablewski


Multi-use Equality, Diversity and Inclusion room

Multi-use Equality, Diversity and Inclusion room

We have a multi-use Equality, Diversity and Inclusion room on the first floor which you can go to if you ever feel the need for space, time for yourself or to speak to someone.

Suggestions Box

We have a Suggestions Box, which can be found on the wall opposite the main doors out onto the Quad. The idea is that you can send in general anonymous suggestions, ideas, issues and they will be read by the Chair of DEC. Please note that this isn’t a suitable means to raise problems relating to specific people, as there is no means to follow up. If you wish to discuss specific issues then you are very welcome to contact  Dr. Anna McLeod, Prof. Marek Szablewski or any of the members of DEC to discuss things in confidence.


EDI Group photo of members of committee

EDI Committee Members 2023


EDI Accreditation documents

Application for Athena Swan Renewal 2022 (pdf)

Application for Juno Champion Athena Swan Silver Award (pdf)

Durham Physics Juno Action Plan (pdf)

Durham Physics Juno Application (pdf)

Durham Physics Juno Letter of Support (pdf)


Useful Links

Durham LGBT+Network To request to be added to the teams channel contact