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Department of Geography

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Dr Gordon MacLeod

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41915
Fax: +44 (0)191 33 41801
Room number: 221

Contact Dr Gordon MacLeod (email at

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Selected Publications

Journal papers: academic

Books: authored

  • Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. State/space: A Reader. Blackwell; 2002.

Books: sections

  • Johnstone, C. & MacLeod, D.G. New Labour's 'broken' neighbourhoods: liveability, disorder, and discipline?. In: Atkinson, R. & Helms, G. Securing an Urban Renaissance. Crime, community and British urban policy. Bristol.: The Policy Press; 2007:75-90.
  • MacLeod, G. & Jones, M. Mapping the geographies of UK devolution. In: Tewdwr-Jones, M. & Allmendinger, P. Territory, Identity and Spatial Planning. New York and London.: Routledge; 2006:333-352.
  • Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. Regional spaces, spaces of regionalism: territory, insurgent politics and the English question. In: Sagan & Halkier, H. Regionalism contested: Institution, society and governance. 2005:93-112.
  • Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. Introduction: State space in question. In: Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. State/Space: A Reader. Blackwell; 2002.
  • MacLeod, G. Regional tensions: constructing institutional cohesion. In: Peck, J. & Ward, K. City of Revolution: Restructuring Manchester. Manchester University Press; 2002:176-189.
  • MacLeod, G. Globalizing Parisian thought-waves: recent advances in the study of social regulation, disclosure, politics and space. In: Jessop, B. The Regulation Approach: An Anthology. Edward Elgar; 2001:533-553.
  • MacLeod, G. Identity, hybridity and the institutionalization of territory: On the geohistory of Celtic devolution. In: Harvey, D., Jones, R., McInroy, N. & Milligan, C. Celtic Geographies: Landscape, Identity, Culture. Routledge; 2001:53-68.

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Selected Grants

  • 2010: Flexible housing tenure choices (£6000.00 from Home Group Ltd)
  • 2010: Young People, Social Capital (£6000.00 from ETEC Sunderland)
  • 2008: TOWARDS A NEW URBANISM IN BRITAIN (£4935.00 from The British Academy)
  • 2004: EMERGING AND EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE (£29039.78 from Esrc)
  • 2000: REDEFINING 'PUBLIC SPACE' IN URBAN BRITAIN (£3315.00 from The Leverhulme Trust)