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Department of Geography

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Honorary Professor Martin Pratt

Honorary Professor in the Department of Geography
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Martin Pratt studied Geography at Durham University and International Relations at the University of Chicago before joining the International Boundaries Research Unit in 1994. He specialises in the analysis of sovereignty and jurisdictional disputes and has advised governments, law firms, oil companies and publishers on more than fifty international boundary disputes. He is currently IBRU's Director of Research and an adviser to the Task Force on International Boundaries of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group.

Research Groups

Research Interests

  • International boundaries, especially boundary-making and dispute resolution


Journal Article

  • Pratt, M.A. Case concerning territorial and maritime dispute between Nicaragua and Honduras in the Caribbean sea (Nicaragua v. Honduras). Hague Justice Journal. 2007;2:34-42.
  • Pratt, M.A. A terminal crisis? Examining the breakdown of the Eritrea-Ethiopia boundary dispute resolution process. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 2006;23:329-341.
  • Donaldson, J.W. & Pratt, M.A. Boundary and territorial trends in 2004. Geopolitics. 2005;10:398-427.
  • Donaldson, J.W. & Pratt, M.A. International boundary developments in 2003. Geopolitics. 2004;9:501-530.
  • Pratt, M.A. The maritime boundary dispute between Honduras and Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. Boundary and Security Bulletin. 2001;9.
  • Pratt, M.A. Boundaries and the Internet: a surfer's guide. Boundary and Security Bulletin. 1999;7.
  • Pratt, M.A. & Schofield, C.H. The Imia/Kardak Rocks dispute in the Aegean Sea. Boundary and Security Bulletin. 1996;4.

Chapter in book

  • Pratt, M.A. & Schofield, C.H. International boundaries, resources and environmental security in the Caspian Sea. In: Blake, G.H., Chia Lin Sien, Grundy-Warr, C., Pratt, M.A. & Schofield, C.H. International Boundaries and Environmental Security: Frameworks for Regional Cooperation. Kluwer Law International; 1997.

Edited book

  • Pratt, M.A. Jane's Exclusive Economic Zones. Jane's Information Group; 2003.
  • Pratt, M.A. & Allison Brown, J. Borderlands Under Stress. Kluwer Law International; 2000.
  • Blake, G.H., Pratt, M.A., Schofield, C.H. & Allison Brown, J. Boundaries and Energy: Problems and Prospects. Kluwer Law International; 1997.

Newspaper/Magazine Article

Other (Print)

  • Pratt, M.A. & Smith, D.W. How to deal with maritime boundary uncertainty in oil and gas exploration and production areas. 2007.

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  • Security, territory and boundaries: International boundaries (land and maritime) and territorial disputes. Keywords: boundary, boundaries, border, borders, territory, territorial
  • International Law: International boundaries (land and maritime) and territorial disputes. Keywords: boundary, boundaries, border, borders, territory, territorial