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Professor Ray Hudson - all publications

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  • Hudson, Ray Does illegality enable or undermine the sustainability of the globalising economy? In: Redclift, M & Springett, D Handbook of Sustainable Development. Routledge; Accepted:41-54.
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Conference Paper

  • Hudson, R. Material matters and the search for resilience: Re-thinking and urban development strategies in the context of global environmental change. University of Aegean, Lesvos.: International Conference, Studying, Modelling and Sense Making of Planet Earth; 2008.

Other (Print)

  • Hudson, R., Buckner, L., Cannon, T., Harding, A., Rees, P. & Kurowska, K. The impacts of demographic change on the functional; economies of the North of England. N8 and Northern Way, Manchester (iv + 35). 2013.


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  • Hudson, R. & Townsend, A. Updating Coalfield Areas. 2003.