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Department of Geography

Staff Profile

Dr Ann Le Mare

Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Geography

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My research and academic interests focus on various aspects of the geographies of development, including such topics as poverty and inequality, gender, the environment, livelihood transformations, and development in the context of conflict and reconstruction. I am particularly interested in alternative trades, encompassing Fair and Ethical Trade, and their links with developmental goals. I am currently involved in research projects in Bangladesh looking at rural development, household issues and gender as they intersect with Fair Trade employment, and in Tanzania on health and rural development issues. I am also starting a new research project considering changing livelihoods over three generations in Vietnam. As I work with a range of natural and social scientists on these projects, I am particularly interested in combining insights from physical and human geography.

My publications are aimed not only at other scholars but at development practitioners and I have written for NGOs, community workers and other professionals. I have a desire not only to contribute to academic debates but also to bring my research to bear with regard to policy and practice.


Winner of the 2010 ESRC Michael Young Prize for excellence in social science research and research findings that have the potential for impact beyond academia.

Research Interests

  • Development policies and practices
  • Gender and feminist theory
  • Alternative trades
  • Livelihoods


Articles: magazine

Journal papers: academic

  • Dunn, C., Le Mare, A. & Makungu, C. Connecting global health interventions and lived experience: suspending 'normality' at funerals in rural Tanzania. Social and Cultural Geography. Submitted.
  • Le Mare, A., Promphaking, B. & Rigg, J. Returning home: the middle-income trap and gendered norms in Thailand. Journal of International Development. 2015;27:285-306.
  • Le Mare, A., Makungu C. & Dunn C. “Yes we are here, living, but malaria is surrounding us” sustainable livelihoods and malaria in Tanzania. Development in Practice. 2014;24:216-233.
  • Rigg, J., Promphaking, B. & Le Mare, A. Personalising the middle-income trap: an inter-generational migrant view from rural Thailand. World Development. 2014;20:184-198.
  • Le Mare, Ann 'Show the world to women and they can do it': Southern Fair Trade Enterprises as agents of empowerment. Gender and Development. 2012;20:95-109.
  • Le Mare, A. & Creating and maintaining Fair Trade: meanings and practices of four Southern Fair Trade enterprises. Critical Perspectives on International Business,. 2012;8:309-328.
  • Everitt, A. & Le Mare, A. Evaluating as a means to achieve development ends. Journal of International Development. 2012;24:556-570.
  • Dunn, C., Le Mare, A. & Makungu, C. Malaria risk behaviours, socio-cultural practices and rural livelihoods in southern Tanzania: Implications for bednet usage. Social Science and Medicine. 2011;72:408-417.
  • Le Mare & A. The impact of Fair Trade on social and economic development: a review of the literature. Geography Compass. 2008;17:69-92.
  • Le Mare & A. Fair Trade as narrative: the stories within Fair Trade. Narrative Inquiry, Special Issue: Power and Narrative. 2007;17:69-92.

Books: authored

  • Le Mare & A. Exploring the power to change: Fair Trade, development and handicraft production in Bangladesh. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing; 2010.
  • Le Mare & A. Coming from the silence: Quaker peacebuilding initiatives in Northern Ireland 1969-2007. York: William Sessions Ltd: York; 2009.
  • Fawcett, S., Hanlin, R., Le Mare, A., Papaioannou, T. & Wilson, G. Introducing Development. Milton Keynes.: Open University: Milton Keynes; 2008.