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English Language Centre

Undergraduate Study

The English Language Centre offers two credit bearing undergraduate modules which are open to any undergraduate student at the University; English Language Teaching (level 2 module) and English Past and Present (level 1 module). In addition, the module English and its Social Context (level 2), is designed specifically for and only open to Erasmus exchange students.

English Past and Present (LANG1441)

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the history of the English language and to variation within the language in the present day.

The module begins with a look at the historical development of the English language, from its Germanic origins to the modern day, looking in particular at major changes to grammar and promunciation in the Old, Middle and early Modern periods. This is followed by an examination of accent and dialect variation in contemporary English, both in Britain and the wider English-speaking world, and how such variation might be explained.

English and its Social Context

This module is only available to exchange students whose mother tongue is not English. It is designed specifically for Erasmus Exchange students but is open to international students studying for Durham degrees with departmental agreement. Students must speak English to a level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or above.

The module is an advanced language and contextual-based course that will help students achieve proficiency in English while obtaining a greater understanding of how the language is used internationally by the media to express issues of current concern. Students will also engage with a local use of English in their immediate environment and will obtain a greater understanding of contemporary British Society and how it impacts upon language.

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