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Durham University

DCAD: English Language Support

Conference Presentations

Carr, C., Joubert, M. and Edwards, T. (2016): Negotiating Language and Content in our EAP Materials: three practitioner views. St Andrew's EAP Conference

Dragas, A. and Tan, E. (2016): Video for Reflective Student Teaching: Using editing to create focused Self-Review. Three Rivers Conference, Northumbria University

Dragas, A. (2016): Exploring In-house Video Materials for 'Reflective Teacher Development'. IATEFL Conference, Birmingham

Donna, S. (2016): Teaching for Enhanced Speaker Identity Development. IATEFL Conference, Birmingham

Edwards, T. and Fitzgerald, A. (2016): From Clarion Calls to Autocomplete Errors: A nascent discourse on openness from UK Universities. OER16, Edinburgh

Greener, L. (2016): Occupying the Niche: opening in-sessional to all. BALEAP PIM, LSE

Joubert,, M. and Sequera, J. (2016): Developing Materials for Listening and Speaking in English for Academic Purposes: Process and product. Three Rivers Conference, Northumbria University

Kendal, L. (2016): Developing Speaking and Listening Materials for an EAP Course. IATEFL, Birmingham

Kirk, S.E. (2016): We don't need to CLIL it; we need to KILL it: knowledge integrated language learning for EAP. Plenary presentation, Finding the Balance - Language and Content in EAP. St Andrew's University

Kirk, S.E. and King, J. (2016): Observation of EAP Teaching: principles and practice. BALEAP Accreditation Scheme training day, Heriot Watt

Macallister, C. (2016): Towards a Typology of Critical EAP: test piloting classroom strategies. BALEAP PIM

McKay, A. and Nathan, P. (2016): Skype One-to-One Consultations: an innovation in academic writing support. Three Rivers Conference, Northumbria University

Nathan, P.B. (2016): Grammar and Assignment Success on EAP Programmes. IATEFL Conference, Birmingham

Nathan, P.B. (2015): A Genre-Based Study of Case Response Writing on an MBA Programme. Conference of the European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing, Tallinn

KIrk, S.E. (2015): Using LCT in Teaching Practice: curriculum|pedagogy|assessment. Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Kirk, S.E. (2015): Teaching EAP: enabling academic participation. E-merging forum, Moscow, British Council Russia (full talk)

Sequera, J., Costello,, H. and Joubert, M. (2015): Process, Planning and Routine in a shifting EAP Context: challenges, strategies and solutions. BALEAP PIM, Sheffield University,

Scott, D.C. and Carr, C.C. (2015): EAP as Process: a framework for successful collaborations between EAP professionals and other support departments. BALEAP PIM, Sheffield University

Dragas, A., Kendal, L. (2015): Training International Students on a Masters Programme: A Reflective Approach. IATEFL Manchester

Greener, L., Scott, D., Carr, C.C. (2015): International Students and Enhancing Employability: Bridging the Gap with EAP. IATEFL Manchester

Grundy, P. (2015): Medium and Message in Powerpoint. IATEFL Manchester

Kirk, S.E. (2015): 'Teaching EAP: Enabling Academic Participation'. E-merging Forum, Moscow, British Council, Russia: invited plenary speaker. (full talk)

Kirk, S.E. (2015): On the Purposes in EAP. Symposium, Biennial BALEAP Conference, Leicester University, with A.Ding, J. King and S.COwley-Haselden

Kirk, S.E. (2015): 'Teaching Reflective Writing: Learning to Weave and Wave'. Biennial BALEAP Conference, Leicester University

Kirk, S.E. (2015): 'Waving across Fields of Practice: Three Tales of LCT (Semantics)'. Legitimation Code Theory Colloqium, University of Cape Town, South Africa. 18-19 June 2015 (upcoming)

Nathan, P.B. (2015): Engaging with Academic Writing in the University Business School: Managing Transitions through the Academic Writing Skills for Business Programme. Three Rivers Conference, Sunderland University

Nathan, P.B. (2015): Metadiscoural Features of Academic Writing in the University Business School. IATEFL Manchester

Grundy, P. (2014): Plenary Presentation: the Role of Pragmatics in English Language Teaching. FIEEL 2014

Grundy, P. (2014): Teaching Academic Writing. Invited speaker presentation; FIEEL 2014, Manzanillo, Mexico

Edwards, T.D. (2014): 'Authenticity in Course Materials for Postgraduate Scientists and Mathematicians'. BALEAP PIM 2014 Leeds University

Grundy, P. (2014): 'And the pragmatics of 'and'. IATEFL Harrogate April 2014

Kirk, S.E. (2014): 'EAP Teacher Practice: making it visible'. IATEFL Harrogate April 2014

Dragas, A. (2014): 'Exploring Culture in Teacher Education: reflections on a corpus-based study'. IATEFL Harrogate April 2014

Kirk, S.E. (2013): 'Walking the Talk: rethinking TTT for EAP'. Biennial BALEAP Conference, Nottingham University, 20 April 2013

Kirk, S.E.(2013): with Macdiarmid, C., Pallant, A. and Rogers, L. 'Competency Brought to Life'. Biennial BALEAP Conference, Nottingham University, 20 April 2013

Kirk, S.E. and McAllister, C. (2013): 'Plausibility, Power & Progress: Enhancing Student Language Learning through Professional Collaboration'. AULC National Conference, Durham University, 9 January 2013

Murphy, B. and Dragas, A. (2013): 'Exploring the Discourse of L2 Reflective Practitioners: a Chinese language teacher education context'. BAAL Conference, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 2013

Grundy, P. (2013): Optimality in Neo-Gricean Pragmatics: the challenge for L2 users. The Magic of Innovation: New Techniques and Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages.' Plenary presentation, MGIMO, Moscow

Grundy, P. (2013): Pragmatic Accommodation in Intercultural Talk. Invited speaker presentation, The Magic of Innovation: New Techniques and Technologies in Teaching Foreign languages, MGIMO, Moscow

Nathan, P.B. (2012): 'The Use and Misuse of Direct Quotation in Academic Writing'. IATEFL Glasgow 2012

Grundy, P. (2012): ELF, aca: Demic Writing and the semanticization of Thought. Plenary presentation, 5th Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English 2012 - English as the Lingua Franca of the Modern World: New Challenges for Academia, Brno

Grundy, P. (2012): Professional Integrity and the Management of Learning. Plenary presentation, 12th International SQU ELT Conference: Quality in ELT: Raising Pedagogical Standards, Muscat

Grundy, P. (2012): Applying Emic and Etic Perspectives to Re-professionalizing Ourselves. Plenary presentation, 2nd ELT Conference Yasar University: Reconstituting Teacher Development in TESOL, Izmir