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Durham University

DCAD: English Language Support

Postgraduate Study

Share and develop your teaching practice

The programmes are designed for anyone with an interest in the wider aspects of teaching English as a foreign language, combining innovative classroom practices with an understanding of issues such as language structure and research methodology.

These programmes offer two broad streams with a common core of language description which lays the linguistic foundation upon which the more classroom focused approaches to language are explored. Each degree then provides further core modules focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of the English language and on classroom practice. Students then have the opportunity to explore key areas in ELT and develop specialisations in the field. Both MAs are completed by a 15,000 word dissertation.

Theory and Practice

The core modules on these two programmes offer students the opportunity to engage with and test the theories learnt through practical application and encourage both experienced and inexperienced teachers to reflect on and evaluate their teaching practice.

For students studying on the MA in Applied Linguistics in TESOL, core modules such as Advanced Teaching Practice: The Reflective Practitioner offers experienced teachers the opportunity to critically reflect on and evaluate their teaching through practice with a real group of foreign language learners.

For those studying on the MA TESOL, the core module Language Teaching Methods and Practice provides students with sessions on the hows of teaching alongside the practical experience of teaching, offering inexperienced teachers a strong basis from which to understand how theory relates to practice and how we might theorise from practice.

MA TESOL Streams

Both MA programmes offer students the option of further focusing their Masters qualification through specialisms or 'streams'. The purpose of these streams is to give students the opportunity of subject-specialism and may be useful for future careers and/or research-related directions. Each stream leads to a different degree title as given below:

You can apply directly to one of the above streams using the appropriate programme code. If you are unsure about specialising, you should apply for the MA TESOL (Q3K207) or MA Applied Linguistics for TESOL (Q3K807) on the application form. You can request a change of degree programme by the end of the first term after discussion with the MA Director.

“Coming into the course with no teaching my primary expectation was to set solid foundations that would allow me to pursue a successful career as an English teacher. As I stand now at the end of it, I am delighted to say that this MA offered me exactly that and even more.
While I found all first-term modules to be vital for comprehending fundamental aspects related to teaching English, the modules introduced during the second term allowed me to study different areas of the field based on my interests. Furthermore, the faculty staff made sure to provide me with great support that further facilitated my understanding of what was being taught.
Overall, I would characterise the programme as an excellent choice that offers the maximum to those looking to embark on a teaching English career. ”

Michalis Christodoulou, MA TESOL 2013-2014

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Student Testimonial

'The benefits I've gained from this one year of study are definitely more than I could ever possibly imagine. The first term courses were largely theoretical and did manage to lay a good foundation for the practical courses I took in term two. Now, without doubt, I can look into teaching and learning practices from a higher level and I also have found some solutions to the problems I encountered before.

This program is wonderful in many ways. The staff are very kind, friendly and supportive. They not only helped me with my academic life, but helped me to settle in Durham as well and I am very grateful for that. The help from the ELC is really beyond my expectations.'

Lili Wang

MA Applied Language Studies for TESOL 2012-13