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English Language Centre

Which English Language Course can I take?

Q I am a current student at Durham University:

A You can receive In-sessional tuition. These courses are available for all international students currently studying at Durham University and are free of charge.

Q I would like to study at Durham but do not have the necessary IELTS (or equivalent) score:

You can take a Pre-sessional course. We offer Year-round Pre-sessional courses or Summer Pre-sessional courses:

Year-round Pre-sessional   Summer Pre-sessional
  Year-round Academic English  32 week Pre-sessional 22 week Pre-sessional 12 week Pre-sessional 8 week Pre-sessional  4 week Pre-sessional
What is the minimum IELTS (or equivalent) score I need to take this course?* 5.0 (no element under 4.5) 5.0 (no element under 4.5) 5.0 (no element under 5)

5.5 (no element under 5.5)

6.0 (no element under 5.5)

6.0 (no element under 6.0)

*Please note that required IELTS scores differ across departments and your department may require a higher score to start a Pre-sessional course. You can find this information in the Learning and Teaching Handbook
When does the course begin and end? October, April or January (for 1, 2 or 3 terms) January - September April - September July - September August - September September
Do I need an offer from a Durham department before I can start this course? An offer is not necessary but is preferable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Where can I find more information? Year-round Pre-sessional Summer Pre-sessional

Q What will I study on a Pre-sessional course?

A Our Pre-sessional courses will help you develop the academic language and literacy skills you need to suceed in your department 

Q I do not want to study at Durham University but I would like to develop my academic English language skills

A You can take the Year-round Pre-sessional course starting in September, January or April.

Q I have an offer from Durham University and I have met my language condition but I would like to develop my academic writing and academic literacy skills

A You can take PARSE on the Summer Pre-sessional programme or you can take a term of the Year-round Pre-sessional programme