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English Language Centre

Durham Academic Literacy Induction (DALI)

Durham Academic Literacy Induction (DALI) is a summer programme of academic language and literacy preparation for your academic degree study at Durham. Courses are 4, 8 or 12 weeks in length and programme content is often tailored to the academic writing expectations and requirements of your destination department. Certain course assignments and readings tasks have been developed in conjunction with Durham departments.

Course focuses include:

  • Effective and critical reading & navigation of academic articles and other text types
  • Notetaking and moving from notes to writing
  • Summarising arguments from several sources and synthesising these in order to express an academic position
  • Meeting and emulating important academic written genres (e.g. literature review, empirical research based report & thesis-based discussion essay)
  • Learning to avoid plagiarism through effective notetaking strategies, drafting and re-drafting of writing, and through academic acknowledgement (citation and referencing)
  • Giving formal presentations and participating in / leading discussion seminars
  • Using the online library catalogues, databases and e-journals

Students eligible for DALI will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You will have met all the non-language conditions of your Durham academic degree programme offer
  • You will meet the DALI entry level specified by your department. For most Science Faculty students and for certain other departments, this will be a minium IELTS profile of 5.5 in all four language skills. For other departments and for shorter DALI courses, the entry level may be higher.

Students who meet these conditions may be able to qualify for an integrated programme offer and therefore a single CAS. Your department will normally contact you if you are eligible. However, if you think you meet the conditions for an integrated offer and have not been contacted by the University, please do get in touch.