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Mr Conrad Hughes

Member of the School of Education

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Conrad Hughes is Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissière, the oldest international school in the world. He has been school principal, Director of Education, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator and teacher in schools in Switzerland, France, India and the Netherlands. He teaches Theory of Knowledge.

His PhD (2008) is in English literature: The Treatment of the Body in the Fiction of JM Coetzee. He is writing his EdD thesis on the relationship between prejudice and education with specific focus on how education can reduce prejudice. He is the author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and as Director of Education at the International School of Geneva he led the publication of Guiding Principles for Learning in the 21st Century with UNESCO. He was chief editor for a special edition of Springer’s Prospects Journal on Learning in the 21st Century with entries by leading academics such as Sugata Mitra, Steve Higgins, Doug & Lynn Newton, Scilla Elworthy, Paul Black and Juan Carols Tedesco. 

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Research Interests

  • 21st Century Education
  • Prejudice
  • Critical Thinking
  • International Education
  • Assessment


Journal Article

  • Hughes, C. (2014). A critical analysis of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme assessment design with particular focus on feedback. Journal of Research in International Education 13(3): 203-217.
  • Hughes, C. (2014). How can international education help reduce students’ prejudice?. Prospects 44(3): 395-410.
  • Hughes, C. & Acedo, C. (Eds). (2014). Learning and Competences for the Twenty-First Century. Prospects 172: 172.
  • Acedo, C. & Hughes, C. (2014). Principles for learning and competences in the 21st-century curriculum. Prospects 44(4): 503-525.
  • Hughes, C. (2014). Theory of Knowledge aims, objectives and assessment criteria: An analysis of critical thinking descriptors. Journal of Research in International Education 13(1): 30-45.
  • Hughes, C. (2012). Child-centred pedagogy, internationalism and bilingualism at the International School of Geneva. International Schools Journal 32(1): 71-79.
  • Hughes, C. (2012). Passion for Beauty: A Model for Learning. Creative Education, Scientific Research 3(2): 334-340.
  • Hughes, C. (2012). Teacher as Leader. SecEd
  • Hughes, C. (2009). International education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: A view from the perspective of postcolonial thought. Journal of Research in International Education 8(2): 123-141.

Authored book

  • Adkins, J. & Hughes, C. (2011). English A for the Diploma. Harlow: Pearson Baccalaureate.

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