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Ros Roberts - all publications

Journal Article

Authored book

  • Boohan, R., Campbell, P. Charlesworth, J., Galloway, I. Millar, R. Needham, R. & Roberts, R. (2010). The language of measurement: terminology used in school science investigations. Hatfield, Herts: ASE Publications.
  • Cassidy, M., Lakin, L., Madden, D., Meatyard, B. (ed), Roberts, R. & Tribe, M. (2009). Biological Nomenclature. London: Institute of Biology.
  • R. Gott, K. Foulds, R. Roberts, M. Jones & P. Johnson (1999). Science Investigations 3. London: Collins Educational.
  • Gott, R., Foulds, K., Jones, M., Johnson, P. & Roberts, R. (1998). Science Investigations 2. London: Collins Educational.
  • Gott, R., Foulds, K., Johnson, P., Jones, M. & Roberts, R. (1997). Science Investigations 1. London: Collins Educational.

Chapter in book

Conference Paper

  • Roberts, R. (2018), Biology: the ultimate science for teaching an understanding of scientific evidence, in Gericke, N. & Grace, M. eds, European Researchers in the Didactics of Biology Conference (ERIDOB). Karlstad, University Printing Office, Karlstad, 225-241.
  • Oshima, R. & Roberts, R. (2014), Students’ recognition of the role of variables in an investigation, Proceedings of the International Science Education Conference 2014 International Science Education Conference. Singapore National Institute of Education, 1368-1392.
  • Roberts, R. & Gott, R. (2010), A Framework for Practical work, Argumentation and Scientific Literacy, in Cakmakci, G. & Taser, M.F. eds, Contemporary science education research: scientific literacy and social aspects of science ESERA 2009. Istanbul, Turkey, Pegem Adademi, Istanbul, 99-104.
  • Roberts, R. & Gott, R. (2007), Evidence, Investigations and Scientific Literacy: what are the curriculum implications?, NARST. New Orleans, New Orleans LA.
  • Roberts, R. & Gott, R. (2007), Questioning the Evidence: research to assess an aspect of scientific literacy, ESERA Conference. Malmo, Sweden, Malmo.
  • Roberts, R. (2007), Research into the Concepts of Evidence and their assessment and its impact on 'How Science Works', BERA SIG conference. Birmingham University, England, Birmingham University.
  • Gott, R. & Roberts, R. (2003), A written test for procedural understanding: a case study into pupils' performance, European Science Education Research Association, Holland.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Roberts, R. (2007). Fieldwork, evidence and the 14-16 UK science curriculum. Teaching Ecology Newsletter (35): 6-10.