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Durham University

School of Education

Academic Staff

Prof Lynn Newton Professor, Head of School 48422 ED247
Julie Armstrong-Gregson Teaching Staff 48401 ED205 Contact Julie Armstrong-Gregson
Prof Jens Beckmann Professor 48375 ED302
Dr Nadin Beckmann Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Research 48337 ED304 Contact Nadin Beckmann
Jane Bee Teaching Staff 48408 BU111
Dr David Bolden Assistant Professor 48325 ED310
Gillian Broome Teaching Staff
Prof Chris Brown Professor, Director of Research 48368 ED221A
Kathleen Brown Teaching Staff 48321 ED125
Dr Michael Cassidy Teaching Staff 48362 Contact Michael Cassidy
Dr Christina Chinas Assistant Professor 48334 BU205
Dr Cristina Costa Assistant Professor 40165 BU110
Dr Helen Cramman Assistant Professor (Research) 44242 CA116 Contact Helen Cramman
Lucy Davies Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41243 BU201 Contact Lucy Davies
Emma Dobson Post Doctoral Research Associate ED226
Dr Anne Dockray Teaching Staff 48333 ED240 Contact Anne Dockray
Dr Hazel Donkin Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48336 ED230
Prof Joe Elliott Professor & Principal of Collingwood College 45011 CA104
Eve English Teaching Staff 48339 ED238
Brenda Ford Teaching Staff 40187 BU207 Contact Brenda Ford
Carol Forster Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48414 ED234
Dr Louise Gascoine Assistant Professor 44231 ED127A Contact Louise Gascoine
Angela Gill Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48430 ED207 Contact Angela Gill
Prof Stephen Gorard Professor 48419 ED211
Dr Helen Gray Research Associate 44203 CA115 Contact Helen Gray
Prof Steve Higgins Professor 48359 ED209
Prof Prue Holmes Professor 48354 ED303
Jessica Hugill Research Assistant 44668 CA105 Contact Jessica Hugill
Karen Jones Assistant Professor (Research) 44256 CA103 Contact Karen Jones
Dr Maria Katsipataki Research Associate 48130 ED226 Contact Maria Katsipataki
Prof Vanessa Kind Professor 48369 ED233
Dr Dimitra Kokotsaki Associate Professor 48410 ED213 Contact Dimitra Kokotsaki
Dr Stephanie Lichtenfeld Associate Professor 48394 ED206 Contact Stephanie Lichtenfeld
Dr Anna Llewellyn Assistant Professor 48378 ED307
John Maddison Teaching Staff 48193 BU113
Kulwinder Maude Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48423 ED126 Contact Kulwinder Maude
Dr Laura Mazzoli Smith Assistant Professor 40177 ED128
Victoria Menzies Assistant Professor (Research) 44177 CA116 Contact Victoria Menzies
Prof Christine Merrell Professor 44226 ED303A
Dr Sarah Metcalfe Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr Pauline Moger Teaching Staff 48333 ED240 Contact Pauline Moger
Prof Catherine Montgomery Professor 48412 ED232
Dr Marta Moskal Assistant Professor 48171 ED237
Prof Doug Newton Professor Emeritus(Ncl), Honorary Professor(Dur) 48353 BU210
Irene Osborne Teaching Staff 48333 ED240 Contact Irene Osborne
Liz Parker Berry Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48367 ED239 Contact Liz Parker Berry
Dr Anthony Parton Assistant Professor 48371 ED230
Dr Xiaofei Qi Lecturer in Education 48376 ED234A Contact Xiaofei Qi
Dr Rille Raaper Assistant Professor 48200 ED230A
Dr Taha Rajab Research Assistant 48355 ED226
Dr Julie Rattray Associate Professor, Director of Education 48249 ED215A
Catherine Reading Associate Professor (Teaching), Director of Professional Programmes 48318 ED219 Contact Catherine Reading
Dr Nicola Reimann Assistant Professor 48348 ED221 Contact Nicola Reimann
Linda Richardson Teaching Staff
Dr Martin Richardson Associate Professor (Teaching) 48392 ED213A
Dr Rosie Ridgway Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48322 ED220 Contact Rosie Ridgway
Don Salter Teaching Staff 48326 ED236
Dr Beng Huat See Associate Professor (Research) 48323 ED210
Dr Nadia Siddiqui Associate Professor (Research), Assistant Professor 48323 ED127
Prof Adrian Simpson Professor, Principal of Josephine Butler College 48340 J. Butler College
Rachel Simpson Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48344 ED212 Contact Rachel Simpson
Joanne Smith Assistant Professor (Teaching) 48331 ED239 Contact Joanne Smith
Prof Richard Smith Professor 48404 ED214
Susan Tobin Teaching Staff 48333 ED240 Contact Susan Tobin
Dr Jane Todd Teaching Staff
Prof Carole Torgerson Professor 48382 ED308 Contact Carole Torgerson
Dr Jonathan Tummons Associate Professor, Deputy Head of School 43192 ED309
Prof Peter Tymms Professor 48413 ED303A Contact Peter Tymms
Pamela Vennart Teaching Staff ED305 Contact Pamela Vennart
Dr Ourania Maria Ventista Research Assistant ED210
Dr Alaidde Villanueva Research Associate 48393 ED226
David Wallace Teaching Staff 48333 ED240 Contact David Wallace
Dr Yuqian Wang Assistant Professor (Teaching) 44367 BU209
Dr Sophie Ward Associate Professor 48391 ED303C
Prof David Waugh Professor 48430 ED207
Dr Oakleigh Welply Associate Professor 48357 ED306 Contact Oakleigh Welply
David Whitehead Teaching Staff 48202 BU201 Contact David Whitehead
Prof Nicola Whitton Professor (Teaching), Director of DCAD 44575 ED303B Contact Nicola Whitton
Shelagh Williams Teaching Staff BU110 Contact Shelagh Williams
Stephen Wing Teaching Staff Contact Stephen Wing