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In-person (classroom based) Languages for All courses

General information

Your course will cover the 5 skills of the CEFR (reading, writing, listening, spoken production & spoken interaction). However, oral and aural skills will be practised more in class while reading & writing often lend themselves more readily to self-study.

The target language is used as much as possible, even at Beginners’ level. Learners are not expected to understand everything the tutor says but get as much exposure to the language as possible in the limited amount of contact time. By listening out for recurrent words and the new vocabulary and structures, learners will naturally acquire more skills in the language.

LFA courses are usually capped at 17 students

Classroom safety 

As have classroom-based teaching, you may wish to view the University wide measures in place to help keep our community safe. Please bear in mind that some of this information is aimed only at University students and staff.

Please note that whilst we hope to be able to deliver classroom based courses in-person for their duration, should government restrictions on social contact be imposed during the academic year or the teacher not be able to teach a session in-person, courses may need to switch to online delivery for one or more sessions.