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Digital Learning

Digital learning refers to any type of learning where students and/or staff are using information technology effectively.


Digital Learning Team

The Digital Learning Team exists to promote an effective, engaging and inclusive online learning experience for all University staff and students.

Researcher wearing VR headset sat with laptop trialling an experiment


Digital provides choice - where, when and how people learn and are assessed.

Digital is flexible - text in digital documents can be quickly searched and automatically translated or read out to you. Page layouts can be altered to provide higher contrast, or to display better on the small screen of a mobile phone. Recorded content can be replayed multiple times, speeded up or slowed down to suit your needs.

Digital enables re-use - digital content is easier to search and copy, and can be combined to make something new that can then itself be shared.

Digital provides insight - accessing content digitally makes it easy to collect information about how learners interact with it, which can be used to test our understanding of how students learn and how to teach effectively.

Developments in pedagogy, consumer devices, network speeds and coverage, data storage, online services, artificial intelligence, geographical information systems, drones and virtual reality are all expanding the possibility of what can be done digitally.

For more information on Digital Learning and the support provided by the Team, visit our internal Sharepoint Site (for Current Staff and Students)



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