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Recent Doctoral Theses

We are always delighted to celebrate with our postgraduate students in their successes. These come in all shapes and sizes, from receiving research grants and awards for teaching excellence to delivering talks at conferences and events around the world. Many of the achievements of our postgraduate students begin as collaborations with one another and with staff, such as in reading groups and student-led workshops that tackle exciting new research areas.

Example Theses

[Please note that any use of doctoral theses must be fully acknowledged and referenced]

  1. GARSIDE, GRACE, ELLEN (2021) Towards a Decolonial, Intersectional, Intercultural Education for Indigenous Girls: Lessons from Wall Mapu (Chile). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  2. RELLA, LUDOVICO (2021) Money’s Infrastructures: Blockchain Technologies and the Ecologies of the Memory Bank. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  3. SEENATH, AVIDESH (2021) Modelling mesoscale evolution of managed sandy shorelines with particular reference to Caribbean small islands. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  4. BHAGAT, AYUSHMAN (2020) Departure Avenues: The Politics of (Anti-) Trafficking and Emigration Control in Nepal. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  5. HOLMES, HANNAH, BRIONY (2020) Spaces of demarginalisation: Processes, policy and politics in addressing territorial stigma in Middlehaven, Middlesbrough. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  6. JOYCE, HANNAH, MAY (2020) A reach, catchment and multiple catchment scale assessment of the patterns and controls of historic upland river planform adjustments. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  7. KAMWENGO, CYNTHIA, MWANGALA (2020) Beneficiary country ownership and the politics of partnership in trilateral development cooperation: a case study of Zambia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  8. PEARSON, CALLUM, JAMES (2020) Catchment-scale spatial targeting of flood management measures to reduce flood hazard: An end-to-end modelling approach applied to the East Rapti catchment, Nepal. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  9. PRICE, MARTIN, WILLIAM, HENRY (2020) Diasporic Urbanism: Place, Politics and Development in a Jordanian-Palestinian Neighbourhood. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  10. SEFTON, JULIET, PERRY (2020) Evaluating mangrove proxies for quantitative relative sea-level reconstructions. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  11. TSENG, YU-SHAN (2020) A comparative analysis of Decide Madrid and vTaiwan, two Digital Platforms for Political Participation. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  12. AJEBON, MILDRED, OIZA (2019) Geographical perspectives on the social determinants of inequalities in under-five mortality in Nigeria: towards an integrated approach. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  13. BREKKE, CLARA, JAYA, ELEONORA (2019) Disassembling the Trust Machine, three cuts on the political matter of blockchain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  14. CHEN, PIN-CHU (2019) The Exploration of Urban Daily Life: Practising the Cultural Life Circuit in Urban Taiwan. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  15. FAN, XIANGWEN (2019) The spatially-differentiated total nitrogen budget for Great Britain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  16. FERDOUS, RAIHANA (2019) Towards a Spatial Understanding of Solar Energy Transition: The making of a solar energy market in Bangladesh and the experiences of on-grid and off-grid households. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  17. HITCHEN, ESTHER, JULIA, ULRIKE (2019) Pessimism, Paranoia, Melancholia: The affective life of austerity. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  18. HUSSAIN, ZAHRA (2019) The Disaster Event and its Afterlives. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  19. KWONG, YIM, MING (2019) Navigating with East Asian Volunteer Tourists: Moral Landscape, Community, Transformation. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

  20. MASON, OLIVIA,RANEY (2019) Walking the Line: movement, culture and politics on the Jordan Trail. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.