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Announcing Durham@ATI 


We’re proud to announce that we have been named among the first-ever successful applicants to The Alan Turing Institute’s Network Development Awards, in recognition of our proven research excellence.  

The award will enable us to significantly build on our expertise in Data Science, AI, and benefit from active involvement with the Alan Turing Institute (ATI). 

Led by Professor Alexandra I. Cristea from the Department of Computer Science, with co-I Professor Brian Castellani, Director of the Durham Research Methods Centre, Durham@ATI will continue to build on ongoing interdisciplinary cross-faculty work which recognises the importance of data as a key skill in many future roles; creating an engaged and diverse community working across all stages of their career, creating ambassadors for AI-data research at Durham.  

Durham@ATI will build upon and expand existing regional networks, such as the N8 Digital Humanities and N8 Digital Health networks. It will also enable engagement in the potential opportunities and initiatives available across the Turing network – to deliver research collaborations with a range of partners. Durham@ATI will organise workshops on Data Science, AI and the Epistemological Engine, AI and Data in Education, Digital Humanities, AI and Data Science in Health, boosting and promoting Durham research in these important areas.  

Developing strength  

Durham@ATI will reinforce two areas of strength in Durham: Digital Humanities and Data Science & AI applied to Education - and our expertise in Bias in AI and health. This builds on Durham’s strong tradition in delivering an interdisciplinary approach to its research, teaching and learning.  

The funding will also support us as we continue to challenge the traditional approaches to Data Science, enabling the development of new projects and focusing on areas of national strategic importance. 

Benefits to science across our region 

The major benefit is a boost in the research in AI and Data Science for Durham and across the North East. It also significantly links these research areas more widely across the UK as well as internationally via the ATI. The exposure to ATI and its activities and networks will allow individual as well as collaborative, collective research at Durham to expand, diversify, increase its impact at national and international level.  

The Durham@ATI network will host activities open to the wider data science and AI research and innovation community and local and regional communities, with a view to forming new links and collaborations, as well as sustaining the network for the future. 

As a further boost to the economy, working together with other departments within the University and with national and international partners through the ATI, will enable us to exploit future funding opportunities and reinvest into the region.  

Future opportunities 

The award will help us to lead quality research and support a number of our existing Institutes to become national and globally recognised.  

Durham@ATI will also bring in and support new research areas, complementary to ATI research, and crucial for futureproofing employability skills and careers.  

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