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Investigate and articulate the different contemporary theological frameworks and narrative self-understandings of vocation within the Church of England

Sally Myers, Lincoln


Initial Description

This piece of research seeks to inform both the work of the Vocations Working Group (VWG), which was set up as an outcome of the Resourcing Ministerial Education (RME) report and is tasked with achieving a sustained increase in vocations to ordination, and TEIs in their spiritual and academic nurturing of those called by God into ordained ministry in the Church of England.

The aim of the research is to investigate and articulate the different contemporary theological frameworks used to describe vocation, and to explore the self-understanding of a range of candidates recommended for training in light of those vocational frameworks.

The VWG is further tasked with encouraging a diverse range of candidates. The research will also seek to identify gaps and mismatches between theological frameworks and narrative self-understanding of calling, with a view towards a larger future piece of work aimed at exploring and developing theological frameworks for the ‘missing voices’.