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The Promotion of Teaching on the Interaction between Science and Religion in Common Awards

Chris Southgate, SWMTC

Project Description:

This project is designed to analyse why the Common Awards provision contains so little opportunity to explore the science-religion debate, to provide resources for such exploration, and to plan the development of further collections of resources.


1.    to understand why there has been so little demand from TEIs for a more focussed engagement with the science-religion debate, and identify what would attract the interest of TEIs;

2.    to develop outlines of modules at Level 5;

3.    as the major piece of work of the project, to develop short blocks of resource for use not only in these modules, but as elements in a range of other modules within CA;

4.    to apply for further funding to collate resources from different sources and make them available to a range of learning communities.


  • the creation of two new Common Awards modules: TMM2721 Issues in Science and Religion and TMM2661 Science, Ecology and Theology;
  • the creation of various teaching resources which will be available on the Common Awards Moodle Hub; and
  • an academic article: Christopher Southgate, “Science and Religion in the United Kingdom: A Personal View on the Contemporary Scene” in Zygon 51.2 (2016), 361–86