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Single Crystal Structure Determination 

The Chemistry Department at Durham University is a recognised centre of excellence in crystallography, attracting academic collaborations from all over the world due to its unique range of instrumentation.


Structure analysis by single crystal X-Ray diffraction is the most powerful technique for elucidating molecular and solid state structures, as well as characterising materials. Molecular geometry is determined with unprecedented accuracy and intermolecular interactions can be analysed.


The service provides crystal structure determinations at temperatures between 10K-500K, even in the cases of extremely air sensitive and/or light sensitive materials. Low melting crystalline compounds and in-situ crystallisation of liquids can also be handled as well as structure determination under high pressures or under irradiation with lasers of different wavelengths.


In addition, a single crystal growing service for X-ray analysis is provided for small molecular substances preferably pharmaceutical compounds including polymorphs, pseudo polymorphs (hydrates or solvates) and co-crystals.


This facility supports the Chemistry department's research programmes and also continues to improve the methodology through our extensive research activities in the subject.


It is also able to provide commercial analytical services for multinational companies as well as smaller local businesses.