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Stuff is made of atoms, and the properties of solids is determined by the arrangement of atoms. The principle experimental techniques for determining the composition and structure of materials involve x-rays.

Durham University has a large number of academics and research groups using x-rays, as well as associated techniques involving neutron, electron and muon scattering. Our research uses both extensive laboratory based equipment as well as world leading research at national and international facilities such as x-ray synchrotrons and neutron sources.
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Max Birch

The Durham X-ray Centre brings together internationally renowned researchers and experts from the Departments of Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Physics, Engineering and Archeology.

The aim of our research centre is to provide a focal point for researchers investigating the structure and properties of materials including proteins, volcanic ash, superconductors and solar cells.

Our research encompasses characterisation, measurements techniques, simulation and theory. 

The principle objectives of the XRDur centre are:

  • To foster world-leading collaborative and interdisciplinary science using structural techniques such as x-ray diffraction and scattering;
  • To promote high quality knowledge transfer activities in their broadest sense and to encourage the use of structural science services throughout the University;
  • To train and develop the next generation of scientists using x-ray science by encouraging them to use a wide range of techniques and interdisciplinary insight; and
  • To increase the quantity and quality of research at Durham into important problems in structural science.