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Research lies at the centre of Arts and Humanities at Durham, from our research-led teaching to our individual and collaborative research. We work with colleagues across disciplinary boundaries, with particular strengths in collaboration with science and social science. Medical and Environmental Humanities sit alongside Visual Arts and Culture, History of Science, and Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern Studies. Our resources for research are considerable, with world-class special collections; our engagement through our departments, centres, institutes, and cultural partnerships, Arts and Humanities is wide-ranging with local, national, and international impact. Our research culture is lively, cross-disciplinary, enriched by our active postgraduate and postdoctoral research communities, and articulated through a rich array of activities, from seminars and conferences, to performances and public events. 


Transformative Humanities

Transformative Humanities harnesses the effectiveness and power of humanities research and education to link across fields and sectors enriching, shaping, and transforming lives.

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