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The diversity of the university experience helps students become good citizens

How do universities produce good citizens? For Mathew Guest, Professor of the Sociology of Religion, research on interfaith relations may have the answer.
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Understanding moral injury in war veterans

On 11 November, millions of people in the UK and beyond remember the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces on what is known as Remembrance Day.
A group of soldiers dressed in camouflage clothing.

Britain’s new Faith Museum is the ideal place to set aside your preconceptions about religion

Professor Alec Ryrie from our Department of Theology and Religion visits the new Faith Museum in Bishop Auckland and explains how it provides a rare opportunity to set aside preconceptions about religion and faith.
Church window

Concerns over pet food and vet costs affordability are as old as pet keeping itself

Professor Julie-Marie Strange from our Department of History and Professor Jane Hamlett from the University of London explore concerns over the cost of keeping pets in the UK.
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'A texture into worlds far removed from us': Radha Kapuria on music in colonial Punjab

On the launch of her book, Music in Colonial Punjab: Courtesans, Bards, and Connoisseurs, Radha Kapuria tells us how she developed an interest in this subject, and wider significance of social histories like this in understanding political events and the world beyond them.
Music in colonial punjab

Historic double murder inspires French novel

A literary fiction novel inspired by a real-life double murder in 1930s France has been published by Professor Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
Professor Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Respectful provocation: the university skill for our times?

Challenging students about their assumptions and values makes them better equipped to engage with the challenges of living in a diverse society, writes Professor Mathew Guest, Professor of the Sociology of Religion and Head of our Department of Theology and Religion.
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Renewed partnership enables students to work towards Theology PhD in Canada

Our Theology and Religion Department has renewed an innovative agreement with Vancouver School of Theology (VST) to continue enabling students to pursue a Durham University PhD from Canada.  
Students in a classroom at Vancouver School of Theology

New research groups to build on our strength in Computer Science

Our Computer Science is one of the top-ranked departments in the UK and it is rapidly growing.
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'Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom'

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Karen O'Brien, makes the case for languages education
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Research project receives major grant to explore how music shapes imagination

Durham Music Scholar, Dr Kelly Jakubowski, has been successful in her application for a prestigious grant from the Leverhulme Trust, enabling her to carry out a research project investigating the impact that music has on what we imagine.  
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Students celebrate Shakespeare this summer in Durham

As Durham University celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Shakespeare First Folio, performing arts productions will be held across the city in honour of the playwright.
The cast of Othello