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Welcome to the Centre for Poetry and Poetics

The Centre for Poetry and Poetics at Durham University promotes the reading, writing and editing of poetry from classical antiquity to the present, as well as the critical exploration of current issues and ideas in literary theory.
About Us
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We incorporate and build upon the work of the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, encouraging new research on the valuable Bunting Archive and other important archival collections in the Palace Green Library.

The Centre for Poetry and Poetics supports a strong tradition of live poetry events in Durham, including a series of readings each year at the Durham Book Festival, for which it appoints the Book Festival Laureate.

The Centre has a University-wide membership, and a lively programme of readings, seminars and lectures open to all. Recent speakers of international standing have included Simon Armitage, Paul Muldoon, and Terry Eagleton.

Get in touch

Enquiries about the Centre for Poetry and Poetics should be sent via the email below.

Centre of Poetry and Poetics

Department of English Studies
Durham University
Hallgarth House
77 Hallgarth Street


Tel: +44 (0)191 334 2587