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Mature Students Group (MSG)

"The Durham Anthropology Department has a casual, social Mature Students Group (MSG). Mature students are defined as anyone who is 21 or older at the start of their course, and therefore this also includes all postgrads. We have found that the mature student experience can be different to that of the majority due to people’s living situations, wider gaps in education, or just life in general. People may have very different experiences in the run-up to them being at Durham now, studying anthropology, including post-grads who might have had a different focus in earlier studies and are brand new to anthropology itself. The mature student group is there to provide mutual support among members, hang out together and generally have fun!

The MSG is group-led via a WhatsApp group chat so if there’s anything any member wants to do, they can make their suggestions whenever. This year we anticipate having meet-ups for coffee and/or drinks, attending department and college extracurricular activities such as guest lectures, and building relationships across the department including undergrad, postgrad, post-doc and staff. Please contact Sarah Wright, Abby Lewis for information, or you can join our WhatsApp group chat via this link."

Sarah Wright and Abigail Lewis