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Durham University


Applying for a Pre-Sessional Course

If you are eligible to take a Pre-sessional course, this condition should be added automatically to your Durham University offer once it has been issued. You can then choose whether you wish to attend the Pre-sessional course or re-take a language test instead as a way to meet your language condition.

If you have not had a Pre-sessional condition added to your offer, and think you should have, please contact us via your applicant portal to see if it can be added- it may be that you need to provide more (or different) evidence of your current language ability.

If you have already met your language condition, but wish to take Pre-sessional for the boost in skills and experience, you can contact us via your applicant portal or our enquiry form to request this be added.

Navigating the Applicant Portal to request your Pre-sessional place

The following steps should allow you to easily locate the option to request a pre-sessional course (if you have already had a pre-sessional condition added to your offer).

Log in to your applicant portal. You should see a screen similar to the one above, with your current offers.

Clicking the arrow next to your preferred offer will open a menu of choices. Select the 'Request a Pre-sessional' option.

The applicant portal will show you the shortest allowable pre-sessional course you can take to fulfil your condition.
However, you do have the option to request a longer pre-sessional course, if you would like to spend more time focussing on your academic language and getting used to Durham.

If you would like to take the recommended length of course, click the 'Request Pre-sessional' button near the bottom of the screen. if you would like to request a different length of pre-sessional, click the 'Request' button next to the appropriate cours

You should receive a confirmation that your request has been submitted. It will still need to be processed by the admissions team.

You will receive a notification when your request has been processed by the admissions team. If your request is approved, DCAD will begin corresponding with you regarding your pre-sessional course, and you will be able to book accommodation with the University.

If you cannot see a pre-sessional option in the menu associated with your offer, and believe there should be one (or simply wish to request a pre-sessional despite having met your language condition), use the 'Create an Enquiry' option in the drop down menu to ask the admissions team to look at your offer.

If you have any questions or issues using the applicant portal, please email for further support.