Durham University


5 Week Course

The 5 week course runs from August to September, and is designed for international students who hold an offer for a Durham degree programme and good existing levels of English language ability.

We recognise that there is a limit to the grammatical improvements that can be made in a student's English in only 5 weeks. There are, however, significant improvements that can be made in areas such as:

  • Developing critical approaches to academic reading
  • Structuring effective academic texts
  • Awareness of academic conventions (citation format; understanding the functions of referencing)
  • Academic formality and style
  • Notetaking strategies
  • Presentation skills
  • Participating in academic discussions

Students go through the same processes of researching, planning, drafting and composing a 1500 word, source-based (i.e. reading-based) essay that will be required of them on their degree programmes from October.

This is also an important time to learn more about Durham University- how we operate and how to get the most from your time in Durham.

From our experience (and from what previous Pre-sessional students tell us), you will find that your Durham University experience is more productive and perhaps also more successful as a result of this period of preparation.

In order to successfully complete the 5 week course you will need to have at least 90% attendance and submit all required assessments.

Course Details:

Dates: 19 August 2019 to 20 September 2019

Cost: £2,250 GBP

Qualification Awarded: Certificate of Completion

Application Deadline: 5 August 2019