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Durham University


20 Week Course

The 20 week course is typically for students who need a slightly longer period of preparation before starting their Durham University degree programme.

Starting in April, you will spend 10 weeks enhancing your language, skills and techniques so that you are comfortable:

  • writing effective, well organised paragraphs in a variety of academic styles
  • writing academic texts using information from single or multiple sources
  • planning and writing assignments of various types that are encountered in the University
  • practicing and understanding the processes required for reading and writing in an academic context
  • reading a wide range of academic articles and other texts, making appropriate notes to support assignment writing
  • producing grammatically correct sentences, using complex structures and language to convey more complex meanings
  • speaking, listening and leading discussions in university seminars and tutorials
  • listening to and making effective notes in lectures

After your first 10 weeks, you will move to a more discipline specific class, where you will continue your academic journey by spending 10 weeks further developing and enhancing these skills in areas that are relevant to your future degree programme. By the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  • Effectively read & navigate academic articles and other text types relevant to your future study
  • Make effective and useful notes and be able to move from notes to writing
  • Summarise arguments from several sources and synthesise these in order to express an academic position
  • Avoid plagiarism through effective notetaking strategies, drafting and re-drafting of writing, and through academic acknowledgement (citation and referencing)
  • Give effective and appropriate formal presentations and participate effectively in discussion seminars
  • Use the online library catalogues, databases and e-journals

In order to sucessfully complete the 20 week course, you will need to have attendance of at least 90% and reach the required level in your assessments.

Course Details

Dates: 23 April 2019 - 20 September 2019 (you will have a short break before the summer)

Cost: £9,000 GBP

Qualification Awarded: Certificate of Completion

Application Deadline: Now closed.