Durham University


10 Week Course

The 10 week Pre-sessional course at Durham is a high-level, academic English language course for students wishing to improve their language awareness and academic performance.

In addition to focused work on language skills, Pre-sessional students engage in extensive reading and library based research and, through this process, develop an awareness of academic culture and conventions at British universities. By the end of the programme students are linguistically and culturally better prepared for the demands of higher level study in the UK, and, more specifically, at Durham University.

Students who take Pre-sessional usually find the course extremely beneficial for their future studies on their Durham degree programmes. This is because we teach essential skills not covered by 'English' courses such as IELTS preparation courses.

The skills you will learn on Pre-sessional include:

  • Effective reading & navigation of academic articles and other text types
  • Notetaking skills
  • Summarising arguments from several sources and synthesising these in order to express an academic position
  • Learning to avoid plagiarism through effective notetaking strategies, drafting and re-drafting of writing, and through academic acknowledgement (citation and referencing)
  • Giving formal presentations and participating in / leading discussions and seminars
  • Developing effective lecture listening skills

These are precisely the kind of skills you will need to cope and to be successful on your chosen degree programme.

In order to successfully complete your 10 week course, you will need to have an attendance of at least 90% and meet the required level on your assessments.

Course Details

Dates: 15 July 2019-20 September 2019

Cost: £4,500 GBP

Qualification awarded: Certificate of Completion

Application Deadline: 1 July 2019