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Durham University

Durham Centre for Academic Development

Post Graduate Teaching Induction

All postgraduate students who are employed to teach at the university are required to complete both sessions of the teaching induction programme. Students who successfully complete both sessions will be awarded a certificate and be permitted to undertake teaching duties. This course is offered in October and January and is different from the normal pattern – Departments will enrol all their postgraduates who have not previously completed the course and are scheduled to teach.

Session 1: The Framework for Teaching and Learning at Durham

Session 1 covers health and safety, diversity and student support mechanisms at Durham. This part of the course is mainly delivered through on-line learning material via DUO, the Durham University virtual learning environment. To successfully complete this part of the programme you will have to complete and pass an online test. Full details of how to access this material and the time-scale for completion will be given to those students who have been enrolled by their Departments.

Session 2: Preparing to Teach

Session 2 covers approaches to teaching and learning, planning for learning and assessment. This part of the course will be delivered via face-to-face workshops and will be devoted to particular forms of teaching. We offer sessions on:

  • Demonstrating

  • Small group teaching in the Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences

  • Small group teaching in the Sciences

  • Assessment in the Sciences

  • Assessment in the Arts and Humanities

  • Assessment in the Social Sciences

You will be required to attend at least one workshop drawn from 1-3 (teaching) and one from 4-6 (assessment) to be permitted to undertake teaching duties. Departments will enrol students in the most appropriate workshop, depending on their anticipated teaching roles.