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Durham University

Durham Centre for Academic Development

One-to-One Services

We offer a wide range of one-to-one tutorials in Academic Writing and in Maths & Statistics:

Academic Writing Consultation Service

We offer an Academic Writing Consultation Service: bookable 45-minute appointments to discuss any aspect of your academic writing. Consultations are open to all students.

Please note that this is not a proofreading service. Common focuses for one-to-ones include:

  • structuring an assignment;
  • synthesis and integration of reading;
  • criticality and writer voice;
  • discipline-appropriate phrasing;
  • academic grammar

Click here to book a consultation. If you have questions, please email

Update, Fri 13 March 2020:

Please note that all academic consultations will now be taking place online, via Microsoft Teams.

This is in response to the University's Covid-19 related action, ceasing all face-to-face teaching for now. Teams is available via Microsoft 365 and should work across browsers; however, you may find the best experience is achieved through Chrome or Edge. If you are in a location that does not support Teams, please schedule the consultation and then contact us on to arrange for an alternative mode of online communication.

New one-to-one writing consultations procedure:

1) Continue using Target Connect to book your consultation slot (please note there is limited availability)

2) Send any work you wish to discuss to prior to your consultation.

2.1) Tutors require you to submit any work 48 hours before your consultation to allow them read through your work.

3) On the date/time of your consultation ensure you are available and have your laptop ready with MS Teams open.

4) At the start time of your consultation your tutor will contact you via a chat in Microsoft Teams.

5) Once the tutor has connected with you via chat then the video and screen sharing options can be enabled.

Maths & Stats Lab

Easter Term (April-June) drop-in Sessions

All Drop-ins will be conducted online through ‘Microsoft Teams’ via Office 365

During Exams : Although the tutors are able to provide guidance relating to revision, they cannot assist or provide guidance on this term's examination papers or questions.

12:00 - 13:30 (BST)

Tuesday 30th June


Tuesday 07th July


Tuesday 14th July


Tuesday 21st July


Tuesday 28th July


Tuesday 04th August

Tuesday 11th August


Tuesday 18th August


Atreya Acharyya, Jonathan Owen

Tuesday 25th August


Jonathan Owen, Kieran Macfarlane

Tuesday 01st September


Jonathan Owen, Francesco Sarandrea

Wednesday 02nd September


Atreya Acharyya, Monica Hernandez-Cedillo

Tuesday 15th September


Callum Grimshaw, Monica Hernandez-Cedillo

What do you need to know about the drop-in sessions

Before you come to a session

  • Check the tutor profiles and the timetable showing when each tutor is on duty. If you have a very specific question, it may be that a particular tutor is best placed to support you.
  • online resources. You may find the answers to your questions there.

Maths and stats drop in discussions with tutors will be done via Microsoft Teams online through Microsoft 365.

New Maths and Stats drop in session procedure

1)Open your microsoft 365 account

2)Select MSTeams from the app launcher

3)Select Chat

4)Type the name of the tutor you wish to chat with in the search bar ( please check the table above for tutor names and also the tutor profiles)

5)Post your Maths and Stats question/issue to start the chat. For statistics, if you are able to, please state: your field, describe your data (if it's continuous data, nominal data, etc., how many datapoints, different groups you have), and what method you have tried and why. 

Once a tutor is available they will respond to you via chat.

6)If you are not able to get a quick response please try contacting another tutor from the table on the relavent day.

7)If you are unable to get a response before the end of the session please email your problem to

No booking required. The format of the drop-in centre is simple; bring your problem along and one of the tutors will assist you. We only ask that you also bring any relevant course materials (such as handouts and your own lecture notes), your efforts so far and a desire to learn how to solve the problem.

Please note: the Maths and Stats Lab drop-in sessions provide maths and stats, rather than subject specific support

Booking a session

If you are unable to attend the drop-in sessions MS teams sessions online, you can book a face-to-face or skype consultation. Email: