Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

Contacts for Durham real-time control workshop

Contacts and committees for real-time control workshop

Local organising committee

  • Alastair Basden (Durham), a.g.basden at at at durham.ac.uk
  • Richard Myers (Durham), r.m.myers at at at durham.ac.uk
  • Dave Melotte (UK ATC), dave.melotte at at at stfc.ac.uk

Scientific organising committee

  • Enrico Fedrigo, head of real-time control for ESO
  • Stephen Goodsell, instrument programme manager, Gemini telescope consortium
  • Corinne Boyer, senior AO software engineer, TMT
  • Glen Herriot, systems engineer, Herzberg Institute for Astrophyics (HIA) Canada, TMT NFIRAOS project manager
  • Arnaud Sevin, system engineer, LESIA, Observatoire de Paris
  • Bertrand Lefort, real-time engineer, GranTeCan
  • Hemant Shukla, Advanced technologies group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory