Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

Agenda for Durham real-time control workshop

Agenda for real-time control workshop in 2011

Agenda (as was given - kept for reference purposes)

Location: Room 122, Department of Physics, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE


Two minutes will be allowed for questions after talks, since there will be ample time for further questions during round-table discussions.

13th April

09:00 Registration

09:25 Welcome

09:45 First session (chair: Alastair Basden)

            Overviews (15 minutes each)

                    Nigel Dipper (Durham):  The AO Real-time Control Research and Development Program at CfAI

                    Hermine Schnetler (UKATC):  Systems engineering

                    Kit Richards (National Solar Observatory):  Solar AO overview

                    Eddy Younger (Durham):  Middleware for AO

                    Fabrice Vidal (Observatoire de Paris - LESIA):  STYC:  The CANARY user interface

11:00 Tea/Coffee break

11:15 Second session (Chair: Glen Herriot)

            Software based RTCs (20 mintues each)

                    Albert Conrad (MPIA):  LBT Linc-Nirvana RTC and simulations

                    David Palmer (LLNL):  Gemini planet imager RTC

                    Charton (Grenoble):  Adaptive optics using commodity hardware and software: myths and realities

                    Alastair Basden (Durham): The Durham AO Real-time Controller and CANARY

                    Remco den Breeje (TNO): A control set-up for adaptive AO and real-time vision in the loop

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Round-table discussion I (chair: Hermine Schnetler)

            Software based real-time control - how far can it go?

15:20 Tea/Coffee break

15:40 Third session (Chair: Niek Doelman)

            Hardware based real-time control systems (20 minutes)

                    Enrico Fedrigo (ESO): SPARTA: status and plans

                    Deli Geng (Durham):  SPARTA and FPGA developments at Durham

                    Luis Rodriguez-Ramos (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias):  EDIFISE

                    Marta Puga Antolin (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias and Universidad de La Laguna):  Tip-tilt digital controller: design and study of the finite precision implementation on an FPGA

                    Vivek Venugopal (National Solar Observatory):  Real-time control for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope

17:40 End of sessions

19:30 Dinner

            Kings Lodge, Durham, DH1 4BG (http://www.kingslodge.info)

14th April

09:00 Fourth session (Chair: Enrico Fedrigo)

            GPUs and algorithms (20 mintes)

                    Damien Gratadour (Observatoire de Paris):  Introducing YoGA : Yorick with Gpu Acceleration

                    Glen Herriot (NRC-HIA): The Raven RTC and GPU studies

                    Ali Bharmal (Durham):  Algorithm optimisation

                    Sivo Gaetano (L2TI-Paris 13):  MOAO LQG control structure for CANARY

                    Rufus Fraanje (Delft):  Distributed wavefront reconstruction and prediction with implementation on a GPU

10:40 Tea/Coffee break

11:00 Forth session (contiued)

                    Andreas Obereder (Mathconsult GmbH, Austria):  Direct reconstruction algorithms using forward operators

                    Alastair Basden (Durham):  Pixel processing algorithms, data compression and simulated system testing

11:40 Round-table discussion II (chair: Damien Gratadour)

            Hardware for real-time control

            Reconstruction and algorithm implementation

12:40 Lunch

13:30 Fifth session (Chair: Nigel Dipper)

            DMs and other developments (15 minutes)

                    Paul Jonathan Phillips (STFC, RAL):  Laser tuning and DMs

                    Thomas Ruppel (Universität Stuttgart):  Feedforward control of DMs

                    Enrico Fedrigo (ESO):  SPARTA2: perspectives for the E-ELT

                    Laurent Jolissaint (Aquilaoptics):  Control-loop Telemetry-based PSF Reconstruction at the Gemini and W.M.Keck telescopes

14:30  Round table discussion III (chair: Colin Cunningham)

            Real-time control wrap up and interesting issues

15:30 Tea/Coffee break

15:45 Round-table discussion III (continued)

            Identification of gaps in real-time technology where development effort is required

            Everything else

17:00 End of workshop

15th April

09:30 DARC practical session (optional, for those interested in using DARC)