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Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

AO Tomography Workshop 2012 : presentations & discussions

Day Title & presenter(s)
Mon 9/July Introductory talk: “AO and Stellar Populations: from VLT to E-ELT”, Giuliana Fiorentino
Invited talk: “Laser Tomographic Adaptive Optics from 10m class to 30m class telescopes”, Serge Meimon
Push Button Tomographic AO: Reality or Myth?”, Richard Myers
Discussion session #1: “Delivering what astronomy ‘needs’: reliable and calibrated AO” (chair R Myers)
Invited talk: "AO seen from a science instrument", Fraser Clarke
Astrometry with Tomographic AO Systems – New Systematic Errors and a Potential Solution”, S Mark Ammons
"RAVEN, a technical and scientific demonstrator", Olivier Lardière
"AO simulations for the E-ELT", Miska Le Louarn
Quasi-real-time adaptive optics simulations on GPUs”, Damien Gratadour

Real-time control for tomographic ELT AO systems”, Alastair Basden

Invited talk, “Multi-Object Adaptive Optics; a review and future prospects”, Eric Gendron
Spatial covariance model in the measurements space for tomographic adaptive optics“, Olivier Martin
Static tomographic reconstruction for wide-field multi-object AO systems”, Carlos Correia & Kate Jackson

Distributed Kalman Filtering for Laser Guide Star Tomography on Extremely Large Telescopes”, Henri-François Raynaud
New Reconstruction Methods in Adaptive Optics”, Ronny Ramlau and Andreas Obereder
Discussion Sessions #2 & 3, Modelling AO with fast and accurate number crunching & “Algorithms, calibration, alignment, and known unknowns” (chairs M Le Louarn & C Correia)
Design, analysis and testing of the Optical Tube Assemblies for the ESO VLT Four Laser Guide Star Facility”, Rens Henselmans
Toward an on-sky demonstration of wavefront sensing using extremely elongated LGS”, Damien Gratadour
Discussion Session #4, “Experiments to support current and future AO instruments” (chair G Rousset)
Laser guide star tip-tilt estimation using laser tomography”, Alastair Basden
From telescopes to microscopes: applicability of tomography in microscopes”, Tim van Werkhoven
Detecting regions of atmospheric instability using direct-detection LIDAR”, Nazim Bharmal
Field Distortion Calibration of MCAO Systems using a Diffractive Pupil”, Eduardo Benedek
Low Layer Scidar”, Remy Avila
A robotic Surface Layer SLODAR at ESO Paranal”, Timothy Butterley
Mitigation of transient meteor events in sodium layer by TMT NFIRAOS”, Glen Herriot
Discussion sessions #5 & 6, "Novel ideas and new approaches" & “Profiling answers wanted, and questions raised, for current and future AO” (chairs N. Bharmal & G. Herriot)
Discussion session #7: new/raised questions / an open session (chair N. Hubin)