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Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

AO Tomography Workshop 2012

Adaptive Optics Tomography Workshop, 09-11 July 2012

Welcome to the historical webpage for the AO Tomography Workshop, held at the Old Observatory in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The workshop was joinly organised by the LOC, Nazim Bharmal in Durham and Remko Stuik in Leiden.

Topics to be covered and Agenda

The agenda may be seen here together with a list of participants here.

You may access the presentations from links within the agenda.

The following topics had presentations,

  • Astronomy with tomographic AO,
  • AO implementation,
  • Tomographic numerical simulations,
  • Algorithms and related concepts,
  • Experiments for future tomographic instruments,
  • Novel concepts and,
  • Turbulent region profiling.

There were scheduled discussion sessions whose transcripts will be made available, including an open discussion session on Wednesday morning.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Francois Rigaut, ANU, Australia
  • Brent Ellerbroek, TMT, USA
  • Carlos Correia, HIA, Canada (present)
  • Norbet Hubin, ESO (present)
  • Richard Myers, CfAI, UK (present)