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Durham University

Josephine Butler College Senior Common Room


Summary of the Josephine Butler College SCR Billing Procedures for 2018-2019

The purpose of this document is to provide Josephine Butler College SCR members with a clear understanding of billing procedures used by the SCR.

1.0 Membership Fees

Membership fees are set at the SCR AGM each year, with the rate for 2018-2019 being £16 for any member.

The payment arrangements are as follows:

  • Payment for members who are mentors is made directly by JBC.
  • For any university or community members who are not tutors, the individuals will be billed by the SCR directly for the appropriate amount during the Michaelmas term.
  • If new members join during the course of an academic year after December 31, the member will not be charged, but obviously fees would be due from the start of the next academic year.

2.0 College Formals

For standard formals, a charge of £12 will apply in 2018-2019 for attendance which will include the cost of the meal and a set range of drinks before, during and after the meal, including coffee.

The charge of £12 is the same for all attendees, however the way the billing is administered is dependent on the 'type' of attendees as summarised below:

  • For college mentors (attending with or without their students), the costs of attending will be deducted from battels for both the tutor and their students.
  • Mentors will be billed by the SCR at the end of term for any of their non-student guests.
  • Non-mentor SCR members will be billed for attendance at formals (together with the costs of any of their non-SCR member guests) at the end of term by the SCR.

3.0 SCR organised 'internal' events

All members attending SCR organised functions (such as wine tasting) need to pay for the full cost of the event, including tutors - these fees will not be deducted from battels.

The SCR will administer the billing of these events on a cumulative termly basis. In such cases, if members bring along guests, the SCR member will be billed for the guests, and it will be the members' responsibility to seek reimbursement from their guests if required. No money will be taken on the day.

4.0 SCR Organised 'External' Events & Special Formals

For 'external' events such as 'meals out' or theatre trips where advance payment is not required, individuals would be expected to pay on the day under normal circumstances, with the SCR or college not being involved financially. Fees for these events cannot be deducted from battels.

The costs and billing arrangements for special formals such as Summer or Winter Balls will be given as and when these events occur.

5.0 SCR Events & Formal Invoicing

Invoices will be issued by the SCR were appropriate to members at the end of each term via email for SCR organised 'internal' events and where relevant for attending formals (see Section 2).

Payment details will be given on the invoice, but it should be noted that payment by cheque can only be accepted. Members are also kindly reminded the SCR finances are administered on a voluntary basis, therefore we would like to avoid the extra work of sending out numerous reminders in the future.

6.0 Non-attendance of Events

SCR members are reminded that failure to attend an event without providing appropriate prior notice to the event organiser may result in a charge being applied.