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Josephine Butler

Fees & Finance

Postgraduate College Charges 2018-19

MCR Charge: £35* (one year PG)

College Trust Fund (3 year PG/ 1 year PG): £20/ £10*

A College (not University) fund that supports requests from the MCR for assets and equipment, access to projects and opportunities.

College Library Fund (3 year PG/ 1 year PG): £15/ £5*

The College Library is open to all and the fee supports annual restocking. Course books are held in the college library and laptops are available for loan if anything happens to yours!

College Alumni Fund (All new students): £5*

Secures lifetime membership and enables connections to all College members past, present and future.

Academic Gown (New/ Second Hand): £53/ £35

We are a 'gowned college' and you will be required to wear one on formal occasions.

*you can request to 'opt out' of these charges. Details are given on your College invoice in Michaelmas Term.