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Josephine Butler

New Postgraduates

Welcome to Josephine Butler College. I hope you will enjoy your time with us and find the unique mix of Durham’s academic excellence and the collegiate experience in Butler suits you for this stage of your studies.

For those of you coming to us without previous experience of a collegiate university, it may be worth saying a little about the role of colleges within Durham University. Indeed, even for those joining from collegiate universities or even returning to us having completed their undergraduate degree at Butler, it may be useful to think about what kind of relationship Josephine Butler College can have with you as a postgraduate student.

Our postgraduate community consists of around nearly 120 students, from a total college membership of about 1200. Our MCR (the Middle Common Room) is an organisation run by postgraduate students, for postgraduate students. It puts on events and organises gatherings of postgraduate students, some of which are merely social and others are designed to encourage reflection and discussion between students with different scholarly interests. However, our MCR and JCR (Junior Common Room) work closely together and postgraduates are welcome at all college events, and are actively encouraged to join college sports clubs, societies, community volunteering groups and charity fundraising schemes.

We also run a programme of ‘scholar’s suppers’ for our postgraduate community where we will invite you occasionally to dine together in a scholarly atmosphere to get to know each other, college officers and academics both from your department and across the wider university. We will say a little more about this and about our support within college for postgraduates at our postgraduate induction formal meal at the start of the term, at which I hope to meet you. We will be in touch about the date in due course.

One of the first people you will meet in College is Steve Bradbury the MCR President. He leads the MCR and represents postgraduates on College Council (the College’s ‘governing body’). The MCR president is also keen to expand the number of people who support the MCR by taking positions on the MCR Executive which helps organise the postgraduate community and events. Please talk to him about the kind of MCR you want and how you can support its development. Steve can be contacted via email here

So, I wish you all the best with your studies here, welcome you again to our College and hope that you will engage fully with all the opportunities Butler provides for you.

Best wishes

Adrian Simpson

College Accommodation

Accommodation contracts for most students who start their courses in Durham in October 2017 run from Wednesday 27 September 2017 until Wednesday 12 September 2018. Rooms are available from 2pm. Accommodation availability for courses with different start dates:

  • MBA students: 24 September 2017 – 4 September 2018
  • PGCE Primary students: 18 September 2017 – 8 July 2018
  • PGCE Secondary students: 23 September 2016 – 30 June 2018
  • MSW Year 1 students: 23 September 2017 – 21 June 2018
  • MSc New & Renewable Energy: 27 September 2017 – 3 August 2017

If your course commences before the above dates, please contact the Admissions Secretary as soon as possible.

Enrolment and Registration Process

Enrolment opens eight weeks before the start of your programme. You can only enroll once you have accepted your place at Durham and got your username and password (see below). Enrolment is where you check, confirm and update your personal information held by the University and accept the University's regulations. You will receive an emailing to let you know that you are now able to start the enrolment process. Please note that at busy times, it may take a few weeks after you accept your place for this information to come through. It is also advisable to begin the module registration process as soon as possible, by provisionally selecting your optional modules before you arrive.

The enrolment and registration system is accessed through Durham University Online (DUO), the University's learning environment. When you log into DUO, select the link for Banner Self Service and chose the registration and enrolment options. More information about enrolment and module selection can be found here and here.

ITS Username and Services

You will receive your ITS username and password by email. You will receive your username one day, and your password the next. You will need your username to access Durham IT services, get a campus card, and complete online enrolment. When you have completed enrolment (see below) you will be able to access to your new email address.

You will also need you username and password before you can connect to the Durham University wireless internet service. For more information about connecting to the wireless internet, see here.

Campus Card

The Student Enrolment System provides the opportunity to upload a photograph for your campus card. If you do this then your campus card will be ready for you to collect in college on the day that you arrive (avoiding the need to queue). For more information about your campus card, see here.

Verification of Identity

Before you can collect your campus card in Durham, you will be required to provide proof of your identity. We only accept the following photographic identification as proof of identity:

  • current passport
  • current driving licence
  • current European identity card

If you are a UK student and you do not have any of these forms of identification, you may supply your original Birth Certificate. Photocopies are not accepted. When you arrive in Durham, please come and see Julie or Deborah in the Admissions Office to verify your identity.

College Membership Forms

All students are required to complete a college membership form. This form gives you the opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself, list any medical conditions that you would like to tell us about, and provide emergency contact information. By submitting the membership form you also agree to adhere to the college codes of conduct, as laid down in the College Handbook.

Postgraduate students must complete this form online here as soon as possible after receiving college membership. If you are living out of college, please make sure that you update your term-time address on DUO, put your term-time address on the college membership form and inform the Admissions Secretary of any changes to your address.

For more information about college charges please see here.

Online Induction Planner

We have put together a schedule of activities which will take place before you start your course. Use the Online Induction Planner to plan your first few week's activities by College and Department. The Online Induction Planner has been designed so College events don’t clash with any of your academic departmental events, allowing you to meet your academic induction commitments whilst taking part in all the events here at Josephine Butler College.

Car Parking

Information about car parking can be found here

Other Information

  • Environmental Sustainability: Please note that before arrival at Durham University, you should also have completed the University’s Environmental Sustainability Online Module. To access the Module, please log in to your duo account, click on the ‘Environmental Sustainability’ link and then launch the module. Once you have completed the module, please be sure to click the ‘Exit’ button – the system will then record that you have completed the training